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The first lockdown led to dress down. Comfort became paramount. A casual dress code replaced smart casual, to the dismay of some and delight of others. Tee shirts, hoodies and leggings were WFH wear.

Now’s a good time to review the wardrobe, so in this second lockdown and through to the Christmas season, when restrictions may be eased, what do we actually need?

Where to begin?

Back in summertime the living was easy. We could socialise outdoors in comfort. Winter will bring a different tale. I choose to embrace the maxim ‘there’s no bad weather only bad clothes’ and am preparing accordingly.

We might want to meet in a park with a socially distanced takeaway coffee or maybe by Christmas enjoy a winter picnic with a chosen few.

With that in mind a heat tech vest is my closest friend. Large, cosy, colourful Scandi sweaters fit the bill. Heat tech or cashmere leggings work well under my boot cut jeans. I bought a long, hooded duvet coat, graded DWR (durable water repellent) in a size up to accommodate layers.

My fleece lined Peruvian hat with earflaps will be invaluable as the temperature plunges as will fingerless gloves. On trend fake fur gilets and slim puffer body warmers layer well as do the current waistcoats, tank tops and even the cardigans with a strange resemblance to one I chose as my Dad’s Christmas present circa 1971!


Having happy feet...

I’ve splashed out on delicious chocolate Ugg boots for dry cold and have some old red wellies for rain and mud. They will complete my effortlessly chic look aka Michelin Man meets gnome. But if I’m cosy who cares!

My mask, glasses, credit cards, keys, hand sanitiser, shopping bag and of course my rust lipstick go in one of my Healthy Back Bags, Dark Olive or Terracotta, depending on my mood. Practical and perfect to jazz up my look, and I’m ready to go!


It's not all outdoors

Indoors we will want comfort, consequently stylish luxury pyjamas are on offer claiming bed to dinner appropriateness! Shackets and coatigans are the latest relaxed hybrids.

At some point there might be opportunities to dress up. A sparkly top for a virtual office party or if we’re socialising IRL (in real life) a relaxed midi dress, plain or patterned, to which a fine roll neck or the aforementioned fake fur gilet can be added, will put ‘festive’ into the ‘Festive Season’. Probably worn with trainers, boots or flats or maybe the excitement of getting out those heels!


From a distance...

A Zoom Boom in cosmetic procedures has been reported because women, even in the first flush of youth, don’t like their look on screen. Why not first try out the difference a great lipstick and a blusher can make?

‘Waist up’ ‘Above the keyboard’ dressing calls for colourful tops and interesting necklines or a statement necklace to make impact amidst the grey squares of video conferencing. A jacket can confer authority and aid confidence in the WFH setting. Its formality separates work from home which can be helpful if the two have become blurred. No need to buy if there’s a suitable one or three lurking in the wardrobe.

The power of clothing is immense. Let’s harness our wardrobes to bring some comfort and Joy at this time.

stripey dress and blusher copy


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