Enjoying Coffee on the Go! Win a Minipresso


Our best creative moments are often infused with the sultry scents of roasted espresso beans drifting lazily through our morning meetings.

Coffee creation is an art form, and we’ve tried everything from Vietnamese drip coffee, Italian percolators, and even Turkish coffee in a Cezve. Thats right, at HBB we go the full mile.

If you’re an Espresso fan though, you’ve probably got an espresso maker of some description in your kitchen. But what do you do when you go out hiking, camping, on business trips, or even just on holiday?

Well we have discovered the perfect way to prepare your coffee on the go. The minipresso (which fits snugly into our bags spine pocket) is the perfect companion to make sure you have perfect espresso wherever you go.

INTRODUCING The Minipresso: A small handheld device that you can slot easily into your HBB and make great espresso wherever you go.

wacaco minipresso 3

About Wacaco

Founded by Hugo Cailleton in 2013, Wacaco is a startup company based in Hong Kong.

The idea for a portable espresso machine crossed his mind one morning during a business trip after having been disappointed once again by the poor coffee on offer in his hotel.

Accustomed to enjoy great shots day after day, he searched the market for an answer and finding nothing that satisfied his demanding coffee expectations decided to set his creative spirit free and develop something that would perform like a kitchen machine, meaning he would never have to drink hotel room coffee sachets again.

With an innovative and durable design the Minipresso is the perfect solution to preparing fantastic coffee on the go.


Enter our competition using the form below for your chance to win one of four bags and DRINK YOUR ESPRESSO ON THE GO!

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