Essential Travel Gadgets you Didn't know you Needed

Travelling is important. Experiencing new cultures, broadening your understanding of the world and most importantly, letting off a little steam and relaxing. Travel is a luxury for most of us, but it can be stressful. How do you fit everything you’re going to need for your long weekend in Valencia, into a tiny carry-on bag (let’s be honest, we’re not paying the extortionate fee Easyjet are going to charge us for luggage).

Thankfully for you, us lot at HBB are pretty travel savvy so we wanted to share a few tactful hints and tricks with our customers.

  1. The HBB

We’ll get the obvious one out the way, your HBB should be coming with you. With our well thought out and clever design there is more than enough pockets and storage space to make it a great choice of bag. On top of that the safety conscious design means the zip is pressed against your back at all times (no pickpockets are getting at your stuff) and it’s comfortable. The ergonomic design means carrying your belongings about as you tramp around a new city or along beautiful stretches of sandy beach isn’t going to cause you any grief.

But you know all this already…

2. Travel pillow from Hippy Chick

Hippy Chick are a recent discovery by the HBB office. They make some clever ergonomic products that are aimed at making our lives more comfortable, which is why their products are perfect for travelling with.

hippychick travel pillow

3. Mini Medical Kit

Someone in your party is going to attain themselves some new injury on holiday. Whether its from an over exuberance whilst chopping onions and drinking wine or from standing on a seashell on the beach. A mini medi kit is a must.

4. Kindle

This may be no surprise to any of you, but we couldn’t leave it off a travel savvy blog. Personally, I love books, and I love the feel and weight and even the smell of paper books. Kindles get on my goat a little. But they are so practical!

If you’re anything like me you’re going to plough through two or three books in a week spent on the beach. But they take up a lot of space and well, they’re heavy. Kindles allow you to cart around a whole library all contained in a device the weight and size of a copy of Old Man and the Sea.

5. Collapsible Water Bottle

Going somewhere sunny? You will need water.

Reusable water bottles are important to help us cut down on wasteful plastic products. Millions of tonnes of plastic go to landfill, and distressingly end up in the sea every year. A reusable water bottle is a step in the right direction to avoiding that. However, as we mentioned before, you haven’t got much space in that carry on bag, a collapsible one though solves that problem.

6. Multi-usb/ plug adaptor

Why carry around a dozen plug converters for every device? Most of our devices now, tablet, Kindle, phone are all charged using usb cables. Carrying a single multi-port usb travel adaptor takes up less space ad allows you to charge multiple items from one single socket. Win win!

7. Packing Cubes

The space saving gods created these nifty things for a reason. They are super useful if you need to get more into less.

8. Tiny Iron

How much do you hate getting where you’re going, unpacking your bag to find that despite your careful folding, your clothes are more wrinkled than when you left!

Bring out in the tiny iron!

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