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I’m not planning a major break away this Summer, but I’m getting quite excited about packing clothes for a long weekend in the UK.

My aim is to pack the minimum but, being ever hopeful, having options for most events: sight-seeing, walking, enjoying a sunny beach or being blown along a windswept one, casual suppers, maybe a more dressed- up dinner.

Where to start?

Packing is greatly simplified with a limited colour palette. If you’re a House of Colour client you know your Colours so it’s easy! If you haven’t done colour analysis, then decide on a neutral palette, either a warm one of creams through beiges, camels, coffees and chocolate browns or a cool palette of white through silvers and greys to black. If you choose two or three dark neutrals and a pale neutral from one of these palettes they will mix and match with everything. You might also want to add denim as a useful neutral.

I’m an Autumn so I might choose warm camel, coffee and cream with kingfisher, geranium red and buttercup yellow. If you favour a cool palette consider grey, charcoal and white with perhaps cobalt blue, royal purple and cherry red. For simplicity I tend to keep bottom halves to neutrals. Lay everything out to check that the colours and accessories work together in any combination for maximum variety.


Comfort over style...

After weeks of wearing Pilates-ready gear I’m looking forward to the orange and cream striped dress purchased recently from an on-line sale. A lightweight dress in a non- crease fabric is a girl’s best travelling companion this summer, with plenty of options in midi and maxi lengths. It provides a wonderful opportunity to introduce colour and pattern with no worries about coordinating top and bottom halves. The current frocks with high necklines and statement sleeves will work well even if the temperature drops, when a cashmere cardigan or denim jacket can be added. I don’t envisage a stampede back to high heels and a dress this season as we’ve become so used to relaxed dressing, but sandals and trainers, both as ugly as you like, are of the moment. I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of a pair of orange patent Madrid Birkenstocks and hoping I can get a pedicure soon, so as to do them justice. Wedges can work for evening as they feel slightly more dressed up but still appropriate for the current laidback vibe.


Adding a flourish

I’ve become a hands-free fanatic during lockdown so my small Healthy Back Bag has replaced a handbag. It holds everything for a day out including my lightweight rain jacket and pashmina. My petite Baglett works well when only keys, credit cards, glasses, lipstick and a colour coordinated mask are needed.

Accessories are vital to change the look from day to evening or casual to smart casual while taking up little space in the suitcase. Consider a luxe scarf or statement necklace to brighten up the face.

‘Layering’ is essential for a staycation in this green and pleasant land. Be prepared! My secret weapon is a long -sleeved red thermal which passes as a smart top if well accessorised but is also comfortable worn under a sweater. Another is a body shaper slip which adds warmth and makes me feel cosy in the flimsiest dress.

I’m looking forward to the opportunity to dress up a bit more on that weekend, but I’m wondering will I really manage not to slip my new uniform of hoodie and leggings into the case? I’ll try not to, but I can’t promise!

  • Camisole
  • Long sleeved top
  • Jacket
  • Pashmina
  • Flat shoes/trainers
  • Jeans/casual trousers
  • Small Healthy Back Bag
  • Sandals, wedges/smarter flats
  • 1 casual trousers/skirt
  • 4 tops
  • 1 smart trousers/skirt
  • Cardigan/sweater
  • Dress in light weight non- crease fabric
  • Luxurious scarf ( velvet, metallic thread, silk)
  • 1 set each of casual and glitzy jewellery
  • Lightweight rain jacket
  • Underwear, tights, socks
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunhat
  • Gloves
Fiona Ingham


Consistent holder of the House of Colour Star Consultant award each year since 1991 plus the new Double and Triple Star Consultant award for 2019. Winner of the Business Development Award and Team Productivity Award.also a 2017 Livewire Innovation and Excellence Award.

Colour Analysis can be a Private Individual Session (two hours) with a group of friends or joining a group (both half day). If you did your Colours some time ago Fiona recommends the Advanced Colour session for further inspiration.

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