Our Customers
Love our Bags

We don’t want you to just believe us when we say HBBs are great. That would be egocentric in the extreme.

No, here are a few of the wonderful reviews we received from our happy customers!

When it comes to  Healthy Back Bags, people often find that one just isn’t enough.



I love mine, can’t fault them. I have several and all are different types. Several Bagletts too.”

– Yvette Towler




I love mine. I have three. My large HBB I use as a weekender.”

   – Sue Fendt


On top of this, and this is something we all learned years ago, they make perfect gifts too!


They work too. Loved mine, so got one for my bestie & she loved it too.”

   – Nick Carless




A very well designed product. It holds everything I need when I am out and about for the day or on holiday. Many pockets so no trouble finding the contents.”

   – Mary Sadler


HBBs are perfect for everyday use, weekend trips, taking to work, and holidays!

The unique shape is comfortable, secure and makes you stand out from the crowd.


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