By Global Business Development Manager, Nancy Evans

Our Global Business Development Manager, Nancy Evans, provides an insight to The Healthy Back Bag in Japan

It all started as if a dream.  After all, who wouldn’t want to see their brand showcased on the world stage?

And it was never a matter of IF we would open a Healthy Back Bag monobrand shop, it was merely a matter of Where and When;  just the ‘small’ details.  As such, we consider it an honour that the launch of the 1st HBB monobrand shop(s) occurred in Japan, a country the world looks to for trend, style and unique finds.

By definition ‘mono’ is a combining form meaning ‘alone’, ‘single’, ‘one’.  So a mono retail store has just one brand.  Typically, this would be a stand alone operation but in Japan, the rules are different and instead, the shop exists within a department store.

Each location and site selection were carefully evaluated and tested as temporary pop-up shops.  After favourable results and negotiation for shop space, the build-outs quickly morphed into our current line-up of monobrand shops;

Tokyu Plaza Ginza

9 August 2018. A bustling tourist epi-center, Ginza is the most famous upmarket shopping area, dining and entertainment district within the Tokyo prefecture.

Tokyu Kichijouji

23 August 2018.  Home to affluent younger families in their 30’s & 40’s, Kichijouji is a popular commercial shopping and leisure area.

Marui Kitasenju

20 June 2019.  Adjacent to the 3rd busiest station in the Tokyo metro network, Kitasenju sits outside of the city center and offers up a suburban, traditional and slower paced environment.

So, what are the hallmarks of a monobrand shop?

  • First & foremost, it’s a destination.
  • It displays a perfectly curated representation of the range.
  • It’s the first place to launch new seasonal items, limited editions and offer exclusive promotions.
  • Its Visual Merchandising is best in class.
  • It offers up a platform for testing new and creative ideas.
  • It provides the best service from designated and knowledgeable HBB staff.

In a culture where authenticity, storytelling and thoughtful design reign supreme, it’s no wonder Japan truly has the street cred when it comes to validating a brand particularly in the lifestyle space.

To everyone in Japan we wish to extend our sincere appreciation and say Arigatou Gozaimasu for welcoming the Healthy Back Bag brand into your elite retail community.

Who says dreams can’t become reality?