Secure Bags: Perfect for Travelling

It’s Summer, the time of country walks and late evenings. A time for adventuring on foreign continents in search of sun, exploring hidden trails in far off lands and tasting foods you’ve never tried before.

But don’t get so distracted by taking in all the sights! One must always be safe and protected against pickpockets and thieves.

Our HBBs are designed with peace of mind in mind. Not only are they comfortable, good for your back, practical, and stunningly stylish, our bags offer a great secure alternative to a traditional backpack or handbag.

On a backpack, your zip is on the front of the bag making it easy to access to people behind you. Our bags position the zip pressed against your body.

A perfect design for security conscious people.


With the zip always pressed against your body, it’s almost impossible for anyone to access the main compartment of the bag whilst you are wearing it without your knowing.

Not only are our bags more secure though, this design makes them more accessible to the wearer.

You are able to swing the bag round without ever taking it off and access the contents that way.

44315-OW_LS3 Cut-out

Double Zips

The final touch is the double zip design which makes the bags easier for the wearer to access as they can position the zips wherever they want. Bottom, top, middle or anywhere in between.



Here’s what one HBBer had to say:

“I have bags of various sizes and colours and my partner also has an Earth bag he uses on holidays as his ‘man bag’. I love them all as I feel, especially abroad, they are very secure with thick straps and the ability to have them in front as well as on your back. They are superbly comfortable and with all the pockets can hold many bits securely. I recommend them to all my friends and family.”

– Ellie Wilson, HBB customer.

  • Croco Pearl S

    £69.00 £49.00
  • Textured Nylon Pebble Grey M

    £55.00 £35.00
  • Watercolour S

    £59.00 £33.00
  • Techno Tweed S

    £69.00 £45.00
  • Apple Green Poly Large Baglett

    £20.00 £12.50
  • Leather Coffee Bean M

    £159.00 £124.00


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