Our vintage canvas s back by popular demand. It’s been years in the (re)making and it remains one of our all time favourites.

There’s never been another bag quite like it and we couldn’t resist. The feedback was astounding, and it sold out so quickly it almost didn’t touch the shelves! Now, after many years of waiting, it’s back. Some of you may be wondering what the fuss is all about? Well, settle downa and let us tell you all about the Vintage Canvas HBB


Vintage Canvas: What’s it all about?

Vintage Canvas is a tough and durable cotton canvas/poly blend. Best of all is the finish; a synthetic coating which gives it a weathered waxy look that’s highly weatherproof finished.

The finish of these bags means that as you wear it it will gain additional character and become entirely unique to you.
Lightweight, hard-wearing and water resistant… what’s not to love?

It is a bag that is quite emphatically the epitome of our brand identity… and if that doesn’t clear it up for you, then just know it has all the qualities that we strive for at HBB.

Beautifully Balanced.

Perfect for the office or adventures in the great outdoors, it’s a bag that just keeps giving. It would look equally at home on a lawyer or a park ranger. It has the carefully considered pocketing paired with our iconic design making it fastidiously functional and stylishly suave. It would make a great alternative to a leather bag, or even an active traveler!

My own Vintage Canvas bag has accompanied me all around the world for the past 7 years and there’s still life in it yet. I honestly would never travel without it. From the Sud de France to the U S of A. Excuse me one moment whilst I reminisce about the good times we’ve had and share some holiday snaps…

Here’s a few shots of us together last year in Sequoia National Forest, California.

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