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We’ve given club hbb a revamp!

Club HBB is the Home of Healthy Rewards, we have competitions, offers and giveaways that are exclusive to Club HBB members

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So what are we actually talking about?

Club HBB is more than a mailing list. We have giveaways, early access to new products, special offers and exclusive content all for Club HBB members only. And best of all, it’s free!

Since we launched Club HBB, over 1000 customers have saved on their purchase

Monthly giveaways – club members are automatically entered

Earn rewards when you refer your friends (coming soon)

Exclusive offers for Club HBB members


Because we want to look after our Club Members, we regularly send offers out via email that are exclusively for Club HBB members. These are our highest value offers that we save for our favourite customers!

Competitions with 3rd party brands

We’re constantly working with 3rd party brands to give you the best giveaways possible. Our previous Club HBB competitions have included brands like Chillys Bottles, Wacaco Espresso machines and Ezpeleta Umbrellas. All partnered with a Healthy Back Bag of your choice!

Monthly giveaway, and you don’t have to do anything!

Each month we run a giveaway with everyone within Club HBB automatically included! Keep an eye on our emails to see if you’re the winner!

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