Accessory BRAND of the year 2020


Hundreds of professionals from across the footwear industry gathered in Birmingham to honour the sector’s very best performers, with The Healthy Back Bag clinching the coveted ‘Accessory Brand of the Year’ award.

With awards going to great brands such as Rieker, Caprice, Legero and Skechers, it was with some trepidation and not a little excitement that Priscilla Chase, Managing Director of The Healthy Back Bag Company awaited the announcement for the category of
‘Accessory Brand of the Year’

And the winner is….. The Healthy Back Bag…

So what were Priscilla’s thoughts about The Healthy Back Bag winning ‘Accessory Brand of The Year’?

“It is a great feeling to be recognised by the footwear industry and we are really proud of the award. It has been a great experience for us and an opportunity to examine more closely how we operate in the footwear environment. Receiving the award definitely provides
impetus to try even harder!

Footwear is a very strong channel for us in the UK due in no small part to the fact that the trade typically employs staff who actively enjoy engaging with customers and providing great service.  Our bags provide genuine points of difference and benefits, are fun to sell, and are consistently successful as an accessory brand alongside footwear.


While retail continues to be beset by hard times it is important to remember that brands and retailers need to work together to support both each other and the consumer – and it isn’t all bad.  Honouring the best brands and the best retailers acts as a reminder of this and an encouragement to look for best practice, and to be bold in looking for solutions.”


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