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Hemp Collection Giveaway

Hemp is often misunderstood when in fact, this plant has many favourable properties and benefits. As a fibre it is tough and hardwearing, but also natural, sustainable and eco-friendly making it the perfect material for a Healthy Back Bag.

We’ve got a total of four bags to give away from our Hemp collection, one in each size and colour.

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Hemp Collection Giveaway

We’ve got four bags to giveaway from our Hemp collection, 1 x Hemp Dune Small, 1 x Hemp Dune Medium, 1 x Hemp Sage Small and 1 x Hemp Sage Medium.

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What is Hemp?

Hemp has been used to make textiles for some 6000 years all over the world. The hemp plant grows to heights of 15-20 feet and the fibre, when stripped from the plant, is as long as the plant itself, giving hemp added strength when woven into textiles. The world’s leading producer of hemp is China with smaller production in Europe, Chile and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. More hemp is exported to the United States than to any other country.

In its natural state hemp is tough, however the discovery of new softening techniques and the investment of millions of dollars into hemp factories in China have resulted in fabrics that still retain all the qualities of hemp textile but with a softness and quality which makes it more versatile for the garment and apparel industry. Hemp also makes an excellent material in paper manufacture. The fibres are long and very strong, making the most beautiful fabric and paper.

Hemp Bags
Hemp bag
Hemp Farm

Why use it?

Not only are there environmental benefits to be gained through hemp cultivation, hemp fabrics themselves have advantages. Fabrics with at least 50 percent hemp content block the sun’s UV rays more effectively than other fabrics. In comparison to cotton, hemp fibres are longer, stronger, more lustrous and absorbent, and more mildew resistant.

Natural fibres from the hemp stalk are extremely durable and can be used in the production of textiles, clothing, canvas, rope, cordage, archival grade paper, paper, construction materials and of course, our hemp bag!




Hemp Harvest


There are two principal types of fibres in hemp: Bast (long fibres) and Hurds (inner short fibres).

Traditionally hemp has been grown for its valuable and versatile high quality bast fibres. Bast fibres account for 20-30 percent of the stalk (depending on the seed variety, and planting density).

The production or extraction of the bast fibres has traditionally been a very labour intensive process, but recently an alternative fibre separation process has been developed using technologies such as ultrasound and steam explosion, which are much less labour intensive. Once separated the bast fibres are ready for spinning and weaving into textiles, or for pulping into high quality pulp.

Hemp Facts

The Fabric

  • Hemp is one of the oldest plants used by mankind. It has been cultivated for thousands of years and Hemp seeds have been found in archaeological excavations over much of the world.
  • Some of the oldest paper found in tombs in China was made from hemp fibre.
  • Hemp cloth has been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt.
  • Hemp ropes, cords and fabrics were essential to the early exploration of the World, providing ropes and sails for ships, shelter and clothing for settlers.
  • Hemp was, for many years, essential to the economy of many countries.
  • In the United States of America, for 200 years, taxes could be paid in bales of hemp.
  • The first drafts of the American Constitution were written on hemp paper and William Shakespeare wrote on hemp paper.
  • Many famous artists have painted on canvas (hemp).

The Fibre

  • Three times stronger than cotton
  • Hemp fibre is stronger when wet than when dry.
  • Hemp cloth is extremely hardwearing. It outwears cotton and other natural fibres.
  • Hemp fabric improves with washing and wearing. Over time it becomes softer without losing its shape or appearance.
  • Good abrasion resistance/very durable
  • Anti-microbial and UV resistance
  • Naturally resistant to mold, mildew, rot
  • Readily takes dyes
  • Softens with each washing, without fibre degradation
  • Breathable
  • Washable or dry cleanable
Key Features
  • Versatile: Can be worn 4 ways – cross-body or on either shoulder
  • Secure: The zip is always against your back
  • Lightweight, hardwearing and weather resistant
  • Double zip for easy access
  • Adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
  • Signature silver lining = stress free rummaging
  • 4 exterior and 6 interior pockets including 2 pen slots and a key hook
  • D ring for Baglett or other accessories
  • Zipped & padded full size internal security pocket for gadgets, documents and valuables

Capacity: 6 or 9 litres

Sizes: Small, Medium

Colour: Brown, Neutral, Green

Material: Hemp

Dimensions: 43 × 23 × 15 cm, 49 × 29 × 18 cm

Weight: 420, 490 g

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