Margo Selby

Margo Selby is a renowned British textile artist and designer. Her design philosophy is focused on pushing the boundaries of weaving to create contemporary stylish fabrics for a range of textile applications, uniting the very best weavers and high quality fibres to produce beautifully crafted products.



Margo Selby is a celebrated textile artist, creating distinctive handwoven artworks which unite a modernist aesthetic with the depth and texture that is inherent in woven textiles.

Individually handwoven in Margo’s Whitstable studio the artworks are created using a technique called Lampas. Lampas was initially developed in the 17th century to weave decorative brocade fabrics. Margo is now using these weave structures in a new way to create abstract colour studies with a modernist feel.

‘I’m interested in the relationship between man and machine, hand and industry, craft and technology. The disciplined nature of weaving provides limitations and constraints which can be pushed against. The orderly nature of the craft of weaving is reflected in the systematised designs.’

Weaving Studio

Located in the British coastal town of Whitstable, the Margo Selby weaving studio features a diverse range of looms including a 24-shaft Arm loom on which much of the development work is done.

Where it began...

Margo trained in textile design at Chelsea College of Art and Design and then followed this with a postgraduate degree at The Royal College of Art, graduating in 2001. Margo initially worked as a woven textile designer for industrial mills. It was during this time she united her innovative handwoven constructions with industrial machinery to create the unique 3-dimensional fabrics that were to become the trademark of the Margo Selby brand.

Margo’s expertise in weaving is central to all her product development. Although the design process begins with handwoven textile concepts, 16 years of designing for Jacquard woven textiles has honed Margo’s understanding of graphic design. An ongoing fascination with mathematics is revealed in both the precise geometric pattern making and the systematised process of weaving.

Margo Selby textiles are found the world over. In addition to her fabrics and textile products, Margo is a celebrated artist and conducts weaving workshops and design talks.


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