Melin Tregwynt, a small whitewashed woollen mill, can be found in a remote wooded valley on the Pembrokeshire coast. There has been a mill on this site since the 17th century when local farmers would bring their fleeces to be spun into yarn and woven into sturdy Welsh wool blankets.  It is a thriving enterprise to this day, now with a global following, employing over 30 local people and staying true to the traditions of Welsh weaving.



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There has been weaving recorded at Melin Tregwynt since the 1839 census; the company today was founded by Henry Griffiths, the present owner’s grandfather, when he bought the mill at 1912.

Since then the original hand looms and then flying shuttle looms have been replaced by more modern rapier looms but the signature double cloth, Cartheni, Welsh Blankets and Upholstery Tweeds are still flying off the machines.

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A family run company,  the Griffiths have been weaving at Tregwynt Mill in Pembrokeshire, West Wales for one hundred years. Henry Griffiths bought Melin Tregwynt in 1912 for £760 and then moved there with his young wife Esther. Their two sons Benjamin and Howard left school at 14 to work with their father in the mill.

Eifion and Amanda Griffiths, the current owners, have been running the Mill since 1986. The skills and knowledge of all their staff, both past and present, keep the tradition of Welsh weaving alive at Melin Tregwynt.


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