About Our Leather Bags

Where Healthy Back Bags first began! All our leather bags are made with top grade, buttery soft, full-grain leather. All of our leather is drum-dyed to ensure a colour that will never fade. Over time, the bags develop a rich patina which adds to the smooth texture.

Want to learn more about where our bags began? Click the below link to see our story.

Which to choose?

Our leather bags come in three sizes: Medium, Small and Bagletts. It can be difficult choosing the correct bag, which is why we’ve come up with a size guide to make choosing that little bit easier. Take a look here. If you already own an HBB, then good on you and happy shopping!


Here’s a small selection of our newer Healthy Back Bags. If you don’t see something you like, then head over to our shop for a world of wonderful offers. What are you waiting for?