How Healthy Back Bags came to be






Early Days

The Healthy Back Bag® began in the USA as an idea Margery Gaffin had after undergoing back surgery due to a roller-skating accident in the late 80’s.

“My back was the inspiration for the HBB. I suggested we design a bag that hugged the body and didn’t cause back and neck pain. The first Healthy Back Bag ever made was black leather. Other materials followed, but leather is the classic that started it all.”

– Margery Gaffin

Irwin Gaffin was one of the foremost leather craftsmen in the USA and had been designing high quality leather bags for over 25 years.

“I began my career as a leather worker in the late ’60’s. Leather became my life back then and still is. I began my work on horse gear, but transitioned to soft structured leather bags early on, became one of the top 10 USA leather craftsmen in the ‘70’s and have continued my trade for over 40 years. In 1987, AmeriBag began by building my designs in leather, and to this day we still hand-build custom leather bags.”

– Irwin Gaffin

The Healthy Back Bag Company Timeline

Over the years

In 2003 the company spread its wings and flew across the Atlantic to open up the UK branch. From the UK we expanded through Europe and are currently developing channels in Asia where the bags are becoming very popular!

In 2007 we launched our Cause Bags to help raise funds and awareness of breast cancer research after Margery, one of the company founders, celebrated her return to health.

Over the years we have developed relationships with a number of charities, working with them by running awareness campaigns, donating bags, and raising funds.

The Cause Bag

Design Update

In 2010 work began on redesigning the HBB pocket configuration to accommodate today’s technology. This resulted in the intelligent pocketing system, magnetic buttons and the full sized padded tech pocket you see in Healthy back Bags today.

“The HBB is a union between the organic, all-natural health trends of today and the needs of modern technology. We are setting the standard for comfort, ergonomics and utility.”

– Co-Founder, Irwin Gaffin

Design Collaboration

In 2008 we began our successful collaborations with iconic British textile companies, Harris Tweed, Studio Donegal, Margo Selby, & Melin Tregwynt to name a few.

These bags have proved very popular and so we’ve made a number of variations of them, using innovative new fabrics, patterns and designs.

In 2018, after years of growth and evolution, we went through an exciting new brand update

Beautifully Balanced.

Why do people love us?

The Healthy Back Bag is unique; in its shape, in its intelligent pocketing, in its extraordinary variety.

Every Healthy Back Bag combines in equal measure, versatility, practicality, and style.

People love the fact you can get a single strapped bag that doesn’t kill your back. In fact, it actually feels rather good.