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Treat yourself! Our luxurious Microfibre does not disappoint. Super smooth, water-resistant, lightweight, hardwearing, full of organisational pockets and available in a range of beautifully rich colours, these bags don’t just look smart and stylish but work hard too. Whether you’re heading to the office or to a dinner party, our Microfibre bags will complement any outfit and make a statement.

Our original Classic version without the padded internal tech pocket. Extra lightweight, and featuring Velcro closures on external pockets.

  • Luxuriant in look and feel
  • Our original Classic version without the padded internal tech pocket
  • Extra lightweight and featuring Velcro closures on external pockets
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable & strong
  • Treated for water & stain resistance
  • Soft to touch
  • Vibrant, deep colour
  • Signature silver lining
  • Key hook
  • 4 exterior and 5 interior pockets plus 2 pen slots
  • Adjustable non-slip shoulder strap
  • D ring for Baglett or other accessories
  • Full length double zip opening main compartment for easy access
  • Versatile, can be worn 4 ways – cross-body or on shoulder

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Item Code 7103-BK




Dimensions 43 × 23 × 15 cm
Weight 350 g

24 reviews for Microfibre Black S

  1. Anne C.

    I am really pleased with this bag. It is well made and looks smart as well as being secure and practical. It has plenty of room and the pockets are well placed and very useful. The bag fits well and is comfortable to wear both as a shoulder bag and as a sling bag.

  2. Dianne Gill

    Very comfortable ,holds an awful lot, waterproof

  3. Alison C.

    This is my second small bag, I also have 2 micro bags, I love all the bags I have has loads of pockets to store things, I do lose track of where things have been put sometimes though. Wish there was another bag between small and the micro too.

  4. Anonymous

    Bought this for daily own used. Love it

  5. Haylee Farrington

    This is my second bag from this site and I absolutely love them. They have room for everything I need and feel so comfy. I guessing it won’t be my last!

  6. Heather

    I already have a bag like this and I bought this one for my friend because I am so impressed by them. Easy to carry leaving your hands free and you can feel everything is secure in it. On top of that it looks classy.

  7. Simon

    Really great… just a little too small for what I need. Would like the next size larger but I think it’s probably out of my price range.

  8. Rita M.

    I wanted a lightweight but sturdy bag, large enough for all the essentials on a weekend break, that looks smart. This bag is perfect. I really like the non slip shoulder strap too.

  9. Mary Beaton

    This is my second Healthy Back Bag. I got my first one about 10 years ago and it’s still looking good, so I decided to get another in a different colour. Love that I can hardly feel I’m carrying it.

  10. Debbie Ellis

    These are the only bags I buy. Very happy with how they look & feel.

  11. Sue C.

    I love the microfiber bags as they look smart and stay looking like that for a long time. I brought this one due to the fact that I don’t have any small ones. I thought this could be used for many formal occasions. I have been using HBB since they were in this country as I have a chronic back problem which involves me using crutches. This is the only bag I can manage in this situation. I would advise anyone who is on crutches to invest in one of the HBB as they are really good and worth the money.

  12. Anonymous

    Love these bags, Bought my first many years ago and it lasted so well, lots of pockets and compartments

  13. Wendy and Roger Ford

    Have 2 small bags. Got the black one years ago because I was having trouble with my neck/shoulder when carrying rucksacks. Absolutely excellent, pain free since. Only slight query is size, sometimes it seems a little small for day to day things. Purchased a pale coloured one in a ‘special offer’ last year and use that during the summer. It too is ‘small’ but seems to pack more things in!!

  14. Janberry

    I absolutely love this bag. I suffer from shoulder pain but the wide straps on this bag are very comfortable for me to wear for long periods of time. Would love an xxs option with wide straps too.

  15. Shona Corry

    What a great bag this is (small microfibre black)
    Went to Wimbledon this week – in my bag: houseand car keys, tickets,bus pass
    sweater,waterproof glasses,sunglasses ,tissues,sandwich, crisps,grapes
    and banana (lunch) bottle of water,umbrella, wallet programme …amazing and
    so easy tracery. Thank you for this, an amazing bag and I hope to buy another
    colour in future.Will throw away all other bags!!!!

  16. lindabeadle

    RIP olive HBB worn out after very many years of outstanding service. Welcome new black HBB. Thankfully the same excellent features remain. I never lose my keys or little shopping bag or mini torch as they are secured within reach by the key hook. I can also unlock the front door without detaching the key! My phone is always safe in the inside zipped pocket and there is never a mess of items in the bottom to trawl through to find a pen as they all have a safe location. I love the outside pocket which will either take a drink or my brolly. My other bag was well travelled as I found it so convenient to have my passport etc. to hand in the outside velcro pocket. As you might guess I am a great fan of HBB. Have just treated myself to a leather one for dressier occasions!

  17. Sandy Boniface

    I am a chiropractor and, although I own several bags, the small Microfibre bags are my favourites. There are so many useful pockets to put things in, and the main part of the bag can hold my purse, credit card holder, glasses in a case, make-up bag, mini first aid kit, a bottle of water and my mini tablet without making it difficult to find things. Although I generally wear the bag across my body, leaving my hands free, I also find that even if you wear the bag on one shoulder only, you do not need to hunch that shoulder up to prevent the bag falling off your shoulder, as you would with almost any other bag, which is much better for your posture. I think these bags are so versatile, and make it easy to carry everything you want to carry, without the bag feeling too heavy or cumbersome. I am so impressed with these bags, that I often demonstrate them to patients.

  18. Liz1602

    Having had an ongoing shoulder/neck injury for years (following whiplash injuries many years ago), I have a lot of trouble with handbags, and can’t put them on my shoulders without lots of pain. Thankfully, I usually have a plain black bag, so my lovely husband carries it for me!
    However, as advertised on their website, the Healthy Back Bag negates the bad posture and lopsidedness that normal shoulder bags cause, due to the design. I can vouch for the fact that they are just so much more comfortable, hugging the body, and evenly distribute the weight, which makes a real difference.Also, they come in lots of really nice colours and designs – in fact, I’m about to order myself a new one! 🙂

  19. marion1609@hotm…

    Fantastic product…comfortable, practical and smart…would definately buy again!!

  20. pam_deacon@hotm…

    Lovely feel, light and comfortable and so useful – I just had to transfer my things from my Earth bag and instantly knew where everything was.

  21. kateshoreline@me.com

    I’ve had my bag for two years plus and it’s still going strong.
    I’ve recently had to walk a lot more following a knee operation and carry everything with me and it has been an absolute boon

  22. MichelleHobbs

    I have at least four of these bags in different colours and they are wonderful. Not only comfortable to wear but I can get everything in that I need and because of the pockets and Zips can find everything straight away. I have become a Healthy Back Bag addict.

  23. carol.basgallop…

    I have this bag in 3 colours now! Black, Blue and a sage green colour. I also have 2 baglets and a beautiful extra large blue & black bag which can be used for weekend luggage.
    Obviously I love these bags to have purchased so many. The design of the Healthy Back Bag suits me so perfectly. It is easy to carry and so much better than a rucksack, mainly because you can just swing the bag towards you, unzip it, take out whatever you need, all without removing the bag from your back. With a rucksack you have to remove it before you can access what you need from within the bag.
    The Healthy Back Bag has so many handy pockets inside and one large pocket with a zip. I keep my keys in the zip part – that is house keys, 2 sets of car keys (we have 2 cars), plus daughter’s house keys. I never have a problem finding whichever keys I need in this bag. Another section I always use for my paper tissues, another area stores my driving glasses (within their case), in another section I have headache tablets, plasters and some make up. Yet another section houses my comb, glass cleaner, calculator and some other miscellaneous bits and pieces. In the main area of the bag is my purse, a folding shopping bag and, when I am on holiday, my camera.
    It is like the tardis and even with all this in my bag it isn’t heavy as it is very lightweight to start with. It shrugs off rain and anyway I have of course stored my folding umbrella in the outside section designed just for this purpose!
    I sometimes swap to a different colour and like to use the lighter colours during the summer and the black for the winter. It is such a flexible bag for all situations – shopping, walking, holidays….I fancy a different one for this summer. The only problem I have is choosing which colour to buy next! I like the look of the new one advertised on the web site – multi coloured to suit all occasions.

  24. joankscott@hotm…

    I have had this bag for a long time time now and would never go back to an ‘ordinary’ bag.
    It does not make my shoulder ache even with a very full bag. I use it with a short strap hanging from my shoulder and also with a long strap around my body.
    I do also have two larger versions of healthy back bags and love the fact that, because all the pockets are the same on the bags, I always know exactly where everything is, no matter which bag I am using.
    Even this small version is capable of holding a large amount of all the essentials that are so important to most women.

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