For men and women, work and weekends, town and country.
Bags that combine fashion and function, comfort and style.


Microfibre Neo Mint S


A unique alternative to a traditional backpack.
Cross body or on shoulder, our bag contours to the shape of your spine comfortably without
pulling on your neck, back or shoulders..

Available in a multitude of colours, fabrics and spread across a range of 5 sizes.


With no hard edges  the bag hugs your body making the load feel lighter

Versatile & non-slip

All bags come with fully adjustable non-slip strap, wear cross-body or on either shoulder

Weather resistant

Our bags are weather resistant and will come to no harm if they get wet


Cleverly designed pockets, inside and out


Designed to contour to the shape of your back


With the zip always against your body your belongings are safe

It’s all about the shape

The Healthy Back Bags’s unique shape and pocketing system distributes weight evenly across the back. This helps to keep the spine in a neutral position, taking pressure off the neck & shoulders, which means loads feel lighter.

Who is the Healthy Back Bag for?

The Healthy Back Bag is a unisex brand, worn by people of all ages. There is a Healthy Back Bag to suit all sorts of lifestyles and situations. From being outdoor and active on the weekend, to cross city commutes during the week. There are even bags that will seamlessly take you from the office to a night out on the town.

A great bag for whoever you are, whatever you do and wherever you go.

Why stock healthy back bags?

Unique eye catching product.

Versatile in-store.

Multi-channel – perfect for footwear, outdoor, luggage, gift, fashion and lifestyle.

Low minimum orders.

Powerful retail support programme with proven record of over 200% sales uplift.

25 years of heritage.

Manufacturing integrity delivering top quality product.

Exemplary service levels.

So what are you waiting for?