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The Healthy Back Bag is renowned for its unique, cross-body tear-drop shape which promotes a healthy weight distribution across the back.

For more information take a look at How are we healthy?

All HBBs(excluding Bagletts) can be worn 4 ways: On either shoulder or crossbody.

Bagletts can be worn crossbody, on the shoulder or around the waist. The straps can also be detached and the Baglett can be used as a clutch or clipped into your regular size HBB as a separate compartment.

Healthy Back Bags all have a full-length double zip which is always against your back, whichever way you wear it.

This makes it very difficult for anyone other than you to get into your bag. Make sure the pulls for the main zipper are towards the bottom of the bag and you can easily access the main compartment without even taking the bag off.

On the outside of the bag are 4 or more separate compartments, most of which are secured with a zip or Velcro, or are positioned against your body – so again, your belongings are safe and within easy reach.

A Healthy Back Bag is a one-strap alternative to a rucksack.

We fully endorse the fact that a two-strap bag (assuming it is fitted correctly and carried properly!) is the best way to carry weight around, however there is a great temptation to use only one strap, which is the worst thing you can do. Many people find rucksacks just plain ugly, uncomfortable and inconvenient, are worried about security, or can’t carry them for health reasons. This is where a Healthy Back Bag comes into its own.

When it comes to choosing the perfect size for you we always recommend you choose the smallest size for your needs.

Find out more with our comprehensive size guide

The small HBB is our most popular size for an everyday bag. This will typically hold your purse, keys, diary, phone, cosmetics, pens, mini umbrella, water bottle, sunglasses, medication, and travel documents with no problem.

The pockets are cleverly designed to make the most out of the space available whilst strategically spreading the weight around and keeping everything wonderfully organised.

There are no set weight limits as our bags are very robust, however, the less you carry the better it is for your body.

Materials are selected and treated for weather resistance, and due to the tightly woven fabric it is very rare for any contents to get wet.

If you are worried about this though, they can also be treated with weather-proofing spray for extra protection.

HBBs in size S are not suitable for use with larger books, or folders due to their shape, but the medium and larger size bags have a sleeve to accommodate an iPad, netbook or kindle.

Our bags are mainly manufactured in China and Taiwan with a small proportion of bags manufactured in the USA.

Find out more about our manufacturing process and ethical standards here.

All bags come with a 2 year manufacturing warranty.

Our bags are designed to give the wearer several years of stress-free wear as long as the care instructions are followed correctly.

Any warranty claims must first be addressed by your retailer and will require proof of purchase.

We guarantee the workmanship of every Healthy Back Bag Company product for two years from purchase.

This warranty does not cover damage resulting from abuse including unreasonable or excessive wear, accidental damage, lost or stolen bags or their contents.

We will offer an exchange of equal value on the defective product if you can provide us with proof of purchase from Ameribag (UK) Ltd.

Replacement is at the sole discretion of AmeriBag (UK) Ltd.

Repairs or modifications by unauthorised agents may void this warranty.

Ameribag (UK) Ltd do not offer a repair service and are not liable for replacement hardware.

Previously replaced product will be covered for the remainder of the 2 year warranty.

To arrange a warranty related return please call us on 020 7812 9800.

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