Why Are We Healthy?

Unique, versatile, comfortable, fun.

The Three Stages of Loving an HBB

#1 Fall in love with the way it looks.

People love its unique shape,bright colours and gorgeous seasonal patterns and prints.

#2 Adore the way it feels.

Try it on, and you’ll discover it really does make your load feel lighter!

#3 Realise you can’t do without one.

The design and practicality of it means going back to a regular bag is no longer an option.

Features and Benefits


Our bags come in a gorgeous array of colours and styles which makes them stand out in-store.

When merchandised well they are incredibly attention-grabbing, drawing customers in and increasing sales.

Hot To Cold

Get Colourful

Hot To Cold
Why are we healthy?

It's all about the shape

The ergonomic shape of the bag hugs the natural curve of the back distributing the weight evenly down the spine.

Strategic pocketing keeps your possessions organised, but also shares the weight evenly around the internal of the bag.

All this makes the bag feel lighter, puts less stress on your neck, back and shoulder, and looks good in the process.

About Our Bags

Better for your back than other bags

Why we're healthy