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Fiona Ingham

Surely everyone knows their Colours

Some lucky individuals instinctively know which colours suit them. However, many don’t and take refuge in black and grey, or buy clothes in random colours which they then don’t wear. A recent study found that each Briton throws away 3.1kg of textiles every year and that 1.7kg of this ends up in landfill. Colour analysis can help towards reducing this waste!

Where it started

I had my colours analysed in 1987. I discovered that I was as an Autumn, suiting warm, rich, earthy tones, quite the opposite to the cool rose pinks, powder blues, lilacs and black that I favoured. I had felt that I often looked washed out, but didn’t relate this to the colours I wore. When I changed to warm reds, yellows, greens and turquoises, people commented on how well I looked. It was wonderful!  I thought back to items I had loved in childhood: a forest green skirt with orange trim, a buttercup yellow dress, a coral coat. All Autumn colours and perfect for me.


Colours in Childhood

Little children tend to know their colours. But gradually influences come into play. Parents ( it is usually the Mum!) unwittingly dress them in colours that would look better on themselves.  Incorrect advice, such as ‘no red with red hair’ ‘yellow is only for people with dark hair’ can further confuse.

Colours worn by people we admire in childhood often have an influence. Conversely a scary primary school teacher who sported purple head to toe ruined that fabulous colour for one client. Fashion colours help to shape our taste. Consequently we might love or hate 60’s neon, 70’s browns and oranges, 80’s brights or 90’s neutrals.


Myths around neutral colours are endlessly repeated.  ‘Everyone looks good in a LBD’, ‘Black is slimming’, ‘You can’t go wrong with a crisp white shirt’ , ‘Grey is sophisticated’.  Beige is disparaged by the fashion press until every couple of years when it pops back as a ‘wardrobe essential’. Which it is. But only if you are a Spring or an Autumn!

Nowadays confusion is compounded by advice from peers on internet colour forums and attempts at self- analysis, which can waste time and money.


Finding your colour season

Your colour season is determined by the complex combination of your skin tones, eye colour and natural hair colour. Only by sitting in front of a mirror for a couple of hours, guided through the maze by an experienced consultant with access to 144 coloured drapes will you discover which colour season you are.

The later teenage years are a wonderful time to gift a colour analysis consultation. A lovely client who did her colours with me over 20 years ago, wrote to me recently. She treated all her grandchildren to a consultation when they were school leavers and observed the benefit to their confidence when attending interviews and embarking on their studies and careers. I’ll leave the last words to her.




“I wanted you to know that I think that Colour Analysis and advice on style is the greatest gift for a young person. We have such fond memories of our visits to you.”

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Fiona Ingham

Consistent holder of the House of Colour Star Consultant award each year since 1991 plus the new Double and Triple Star Consultant award for 2020. Winner of the Business Development Award and Team Productivity Award and also a 2017 Livewire Innovation and Excellence Award.

Colour Analysis can be a private, Individual session or Duo session where two friends attend together in the Primrose Hill studio.

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