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25 Jul 2017

Healthy Back Bag plays a part in the Open


Causing quite a stir on the third green, an HBB got in the way and found itself on T.V.

Here’s the story:

“I bought my new medium one (HBB) especially to carry my waterproofs, water etc at the Open. Today (Saturday) I was sitting by the third green with my lovely bag beside me when Austin Connelley sent his approach shot wayward to the left and it landed wedged between my bag and the tee time flyer! The cameras came to film the rules official deciding what to do about it. The answer being that he should place a tee under the teen time flyer, ball and bag so that the items could be moved (and the bag handed back to me by the player) and the ball dropped.” – Helen Conway

Here is a photo from Helen. You can see the golf ball wedged under her Microfibre HBB!

Open Golf Championship

This is not Helen’s first HBB we were immensely pleased to hear.

“I bought one of your leather bags for a round the world trip in 2009 and it’s still serving me well!”

Our Classic Leather

The Open Golf Tournament in Southport

The course was first established in 1889, but was extensively redesigned in 1922 by Fred Hawtree and JH Taylor to create the current layout, which winds its way through the sand dunes towering over each of the fairways.

Since first hosting The Open in 1954, the course has been (alongside Royal Lytham) the most regular venue for the Championship other than St Andrews. At Birkdale’s first Open, Peter Thomson won the first of three in succession; he returned to the same course in 1965 to add his fifth and final title.


ROHAN Southport

We are currently (throughout July) running a promotion with Rohan in Southport (and in Rohan Preston) offering a FREE baglett with every HBB purchase in store. So, if you are in the area, we suggest you head over there and grab yourself a bargain!

Rohan Southport


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25 Jul 2017

Hidden Gems pt 3 - Carsington Water


Hidden Gems Pt 3 - Water Rail

The visitors centre has a wide range of facilities including shops selling souvenirs, craft items, embroidery materials, ceramics, books etc. and there is also a cafe and restaurant. If you head inside, you will in fact find yourself face to face with HBBs. We are currently stocked in Water Rail. Water Rail is an awesome outdoor clothes store tucked away inside the visitors centre.

We have found over the years that our bags are quite popular in their store, a great accompaniment to the multitude of walkers who head through the centre.

Hidden Gems - Carsington water

Carsington Water

A notable aspect of the centre is the Kugel Stone which sits in the courtyard, a ball of granite weighing over 1 tonne and which revolves on a thin film of water under pressure. It can be moved with the gentletouch of your hand!

Kugel Stone

Carsington Water is a local centre for outdoor activities - the sailing club next door to the Visitor Centre gets very busy during the warmer months and the area is great for walking and cycling. You can either stick close to the reservoir where the land is flat; or if you are fancying more of a challenge, head into the Peak district which is right there on the doorstep or go exploring the surrounding villages. This has been a popular destination for visitors since it was opened by the queen in 1992.

No more than a hundred yards from the visitor centre is the watersports centre. Here you can hire sailboats, canoes, paddleboards, and rowing boats (and bikes!) See www.carsingtonwater.com

The Peak District

Peak District National Park is in central England. Steep limestone valleys like Dovedale, with its famed stepping stones, and Lathkill Dale characterize the park’s southern area (near to carsington water) which is known as White Peak.

There are a number of absolutely stunning walks around the Peak District, so grab your HBB and head on out there: Ten Great Walks in the Peak District and Derbyshire

For More Walks and information about the area Visit The Outdoor Guide



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18 Jul 2017

The Struggles of a Lefty


Left Struggling

This week we’re covering a most serious and sombre topic.

The struggles and discrimination of left-handed individuals in modern society.

In the seventeenth century it was thought that the Devil baptised his followers with his left-hand, and there are many references in superstitions to the “left-hand side” being associated with evil. As an example, it is thought that we can only see ghosts if we look over our left shoulder, and that the Devil watches us over the left shoulder.

In a rather unfair reinforcement of this, the infamous (but influential) 19th Century physician Cesare Lambroso, who identified various facial and racial characteristics with criminal traits (the debunked theory of anthropological criminology), turned his attention to handedness at the end of the century and the start of the next and, perhaps not surprisingly, he identified left-handedness as a mark of pathological behaviour, savagery and criminality.

In other cultures, doing anything with your left-hand (especially eating) is considered societally unacceptable due to the fact toilet paper is a fairly recent invention. I won’t go into details… but gross.

Left handers are still being marginalised today!

Being left-handed comes with a whole plethora of problems even today. Problems addressed by forward thinking TV shows like the Simpsons (Flander’s Leftorium)

Here are a Few of our Team’s Top Gripes


1. The difficulties of using cutlery...

“My brother gave me a lefthanded bread knife for my 40th birthday, and finally I could manage a straight slice, after a lifetime of ridicule and cutting doorsteps. Now the rest of the household knows what I suffered, as the old breadknife mysteriously disappeared. I eat righthanded with a knife and fork, but I can't manage to eat dessert with a spoon and fork. I also can’t carve meat with a carving knife when I need a fork as well." - Priscilla

"Using chopsticks left-handed is seriously frowned upon at Chinese banquets. And I was the bride!” – Priscilla

"I can not cut bread in a straight line, I end up with a fat top and skinny bottom." - Karen

Pete also struggles with kitchen implements:

 “Some people when you tell them you're left handed they change your knife and fork around. Yeah, like who in the world eats with the knife in the left hand?!"

2.  Writing

"Smudging text, especially fountain pen ink at school. If I grew up in Japan writing from right to left this would never have happened!" - Pete

"I write downhill, towards me, with the paper at right angles." - Priscilla

3. Tin openers

"I can only use tin openers that open from the top and not the side" - Karen

4. Big scissors 

5. Shears

6. Strimmers

7. Knitting

8. Computer mouse

9. Playing pool

"I would love to play pool but I just can not hold a cue correctly." - Karen

The list goes on!

HBBs don't discriminate!

Our bags are designed to be worn on either shoulder. Perfect for left or right orientated people!

Shop for one of our left-hand friendly bags today!


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18 Jul 2017

Adopt a Dog


A lot of our HBBers (and all of us at HBB HQ) are dog loving softies. Just check out these blogs if you want proof!




Our bags are great dog walking companions, coming in handy for the necessary dog walking tools, some people even put their dogs in our bags... and one time, the baglett strap doubled up a spare dog lead!

And seeing as we are also an office of doggy loving softies, (we wanted to mention that just in case our graphics hadn't given it away) we thought we would do a little bit of good work and talk about Dog Adoption. 

Specifically, we are going to talk about Rescue Dogs

This is a non-profit website and database of dogs for adoption at rescues in the UK. Their focus is primarily on the lesser known rescues and dogs that might get overlooked. They focus heavily on sharing these dogs across social media with the aim of getting them new loving homes.

These guys need all the help they can get to help find homes for some of the thousands of dogs out there in rescues.

Follow them on Social Media

Dogs for Adoption



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18 Jul 2017

Hidden Gems pt 2 - Hebden Bridges


Hidden Gems pt 2

This week we are taking you up towards the Yorkshire Dales to the little town of Hebden Bridges.

Our retailer in the area is Mountain Wild, an excellent outdoor store that will supply you with all the gear you could possibly need for your walking holiday.

Where is Hebden Bridge?

Hebden Bridge is a market town which forms part of Hebden Royd in West Yorkshire, England. It is in the Upper Calder Valley, 8 miles west of Halifax and 14 miles north-east of Rochdale, at the confluence of the River Calder and the Hebden Water.

About Mountain Wild

Mountain Wild is an Outdoor Specialist in the picturesque town, Hebden Bridge. They pride ourselves in stocking a wide range of quality products and providing great customer service and knowledge. They've been stocking HBBs since 2015.

The picturesque town of Hebden Bridge, located in the heart of the beautiful South Pennines countryside is an ideal starting point for walking the many footpaths and bridleways in the area.

Hebden Bridge is often the choice as a stopover for many walkers of the Pennine Way who make a visit to Mountain Wild to top up on those essential bits of kit (such as an HBB...).

Find them at: 

19c Crown Street, Hebden Bridge, Yorkshire, HX7 8EH


History in Hebden

The cobbled lanes of Hepstonstall, a weavers' village high up on the hills above Hebden Bridge, have remained unchanged for around 200 years. With just two pubs "The Cross" and "The White Lion", a small post office and a very pleasant café offering lunches and teas, this tiny village is popular with walkers and is regarded as one of Yorkshire's best kept secrets. Heptonstall churchyard must be one of the most fascinating in the country, containing two charming churches.

Walking and Outdoors in and around Hebden

Hebden Bridge's cobbled lanes quickly give way to glorious Yorkshire countryside. The nearby Hardcastle Crags, owned by the National Trust, are a must-visit - boasting a beautiful wooded valley complete with tumbling streams and a carpet of bluebells in the spring. Hebden Bridge is also Britain's first official 'Walkers are Welcome' town, with three easy to follow trails signposted from the town centre.


A Crafty Village

This handsome little town is awash with creativity - from the artists and musicians hard at work in their studios, to a number of Arts and Music Festivals which are held throughout the year. The town also has a number of famous literary 'residents', including Sylvia Plath whose grave can be found on a medieval settlement in the hills above the town, and former Poet Laureate Ted Hughes whose birthplace can be found in the nearby village of Mytholmroyd

Other great independents in Hebden Bridge include The Snug Gallery, which is a leading contemporary craft gallery in the north of England showcasing contemporary craft and design by some of the most prominent designer-makers from the UK and Ireland alongside a selection of photography and lovely things.



Not going that way? Never fear. We have retailers all over the country. Rohan in Southport for example, who are currently running an HBB promotion offering a free baglett with each full sized bag you buy!


Or you can SHOP ONLINE




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