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20 May 2017

Need a bit more room?

ByBenLLarge Bags

Our range of large bags are perfect. Stylish and big enough for everything you might need, they're great as gym bags, for an active outdoors lifestyle, or simply for everyday use...

Expedition HBB

The Expedition Healthy Back Bag is made of strong, water resistant cotton twill, with nubuck leather trim, burnished brass hardware, and a fleece lined strap for extra comfort - and now features a full size internal zipped and padded security pocket for valuables. A casual, earthy selection of colours paired with retro-rugged styling and leather trim make the Expedition HBB great for everyday use or travel, and an active, outdoor lifestyle.

"This bag is not my first HBB, and as I have come to expect from HBB, excellent quality! My only disappointment on this bag is that the straps are decorative - they fasten with magnets rather than actually tie using the buckles." Dave


  • Water resistant cotton twill,
  • Nubuck leather trim 
  • Burnished brass hardware,
  • Fleece lined strap for extra comfort
  • A full size internal zipped and padded security pocket for valuables.

Check out the full range here


Textured Nylon Big Bags

Made from our practical Textured Nylon, this amazingly capacious all-rounder is lightweight, machine washable and hardwearing. Our Textured Nylon bags come in a beautiful range of colours. They are perfect for comfortably carrying more than usual, for holidays, the gym or short breaks, these bags feature multiple pockets to keep your stuff organised and we especially love the insulated bottle pocket which keeps drinks cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


    "I have been using my big bag for some time and it has been a great all round bag. I can take all I need for meetings, shopping, leisure although possibly not all at once you understand. It has more than enough pockets, internal and external, to enable to keep all your bits and pieces organised once you get into the habit of always putting things back in the same slots. Last but not least it is comfortable to carry even fully laden." - Phil Butler

    Check out the full range here

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    20 May 2017

    Bank Holiday Weekend


    1. KERB does Alchemy

    Spend a day on the South Bank crying spicy tears as KERB’s 27 food traders return to SE1 plating up punchy dishes from India, Pakistan, Nepal, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka. The takeover is a branch of the Southbank’s Alchemy Festival of South Asian cultural events, so watch out for live poetry while you’re wolfing down those mac ‘n’ cheese-stuffed Mac’Waari naan’s from Anna Mae’s.

    2. Brixton Beach

    London might not have Cuba's fleets of classic cars or choice of cool Panama hats, but this summer, Brixton is trying to bring a little Havana life to SW9 with its rooftop urban beach. The Piña Coladas, Cubanitos and Mojitos will be flowing in a space decorated with mint and exotic flowers. For grub, there'll be a rotating choice of street food vendors, with mac 'n' cheese bites from Mac to the Future and dishes from Dirty Bones, Mama’s Jerk and Negril.

    3. Find and Feast

    Borough Market’s mouthwatering stalls aren’t the only way to feed your hunger. Join this wild food walk around Southwark, where guide Ceri Buckmaster, who believes wild food is the new street food, will show you how to identify seasonal plants and flowers blossoming in unexpected urban locations.

    4. Dear Diary

    From the memoirs of a cross-dressing Lesbian in Jane Austen’s era to the day in the life of a UNICEF worker in Yemen, have a nosey through diaries from 1400BC to the present day at ‘Dear Diary’, an exhibition celebrating the ways in which we’ve used diaries to capture the human experience throughout history.

    5. Green Man presents Courtyard

    Loveable Welsh music festival Green Man is bringing the best of its homeland's beer and cider to King's Cross for this weekend of food, booze and music. As well as more than 100 brews from independent breweries there's a top notch music line-up.


    6. StrEATLife

    A colourful family friendly affair, this event will be packed with food, crafty drinks, and entertainent. Yes, StrEATLife is all about food (and craft booze) but there will also be over 30 stalls, live art, DJs and BBQ. Held at the Alexandra Palace, it's not one to miss.


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    20 May 2017

    The Return of the Bum Bag


    The bumbag has long been an object of derision and mirth. Yet somehow, these small, utterly sensible waist pouches are making a return into high-end fashion.

    "The Gucci money belt, as rapped about by Chance the Rapper, is the gold standard of bumbags, although they are also bestsellers at Asos."

    We at HBB understand something of this bags practicatlity and versatility. Bumbags free up your hands, they are safe and secure, they lean towards organisation and relieve airport paranoia, used to stash passports and holiday money. However, along with potentially every other sensible person in the world, whilst we recognise its uses, we gently cringe at the thought of wearing one.

    Our take on this classic trend is somewhat more stylish...

    Check out our Bagletts and Large Bagletts


    Our Bagletts are a great size for everyday use, coming in a range of colours from more formal, smart and suave blacks, greys and beiges to bright and cheerful orange, blue, green and pink.



    Get Your Baglett Now

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    16 May 2017

    Who are we collaborating with next?


    We love our collaboration bags!

    The first stage is to find the best materials and designs.

    Then the fabric goes into our research and development stage. We make some samples and put them through rigorous testing.

    Finally, when we are all happy and pleased, we send it to production. Each of these collaboration bags takes months, if not years to finally come to fruition, from the moment we source the material to the moment we get to present it to you.

    Well, we have a special treat for you just around the corner.

    But before that take a look at some of our current collaboration bags...

    Last year we collaborated with Margo Selby making these two gorgeous large Bagletts

    Margo Selby Bindi Blue Large Baglett Margo Selby Bindi Red Large Baglett

    New in! These bagletts will really make you stand out. The Margo Selby Bindi Blue Large Baglett and the Margo Selby Bindi Red Large Baglett


    You can check out Margo's website here > Margo Selby


    Well this AW/17 we are collaborating with Melin Tregwynt!

    Melin Tregwynt have over 100 years of experience in the textile world. Set up in 1912 their water powered Mill is still working. They combine authentic Welsh tradition with innovative and modern design.

    They have come a long way from those early days of wool weaving and it seems almost inevitable almost that with such experience and such history that we would fall in love with their incredible designs and fabrics.

    You will have to wait for a little while yet to see the final bags in action, but keep a weather eye on the horizon because they are stunning, and you won't want to miss this!

    Follow us on social media and make sure you don't miss a thing!

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    16 May 2017

    5 hot destinations for Summer 2017


    Whatever your style, we have a something for you!

    We all have our own ideas of the perfect holiday.

    Some of us like adventure holidays or treks across dramatic scenery, Lord of the Rings style. Others prefer a more languid approach; lounging on soft sand, gently caressed by the sun, and soothed by the smooth song of the sea lapping at the shore.

    So putting together a list that isn't a hundred items long was a challenge. However, after removing safaris in Tanzania, Glacier escapades and the bahamas, we think we've narrowed it down to several acceptable options...

    1. Edinburgh

    We’ll start the list with somewhere close to home. Edinburgh. It is a beautiful city all year round. But in the summer, it comes alive. One of the most fun months is August. The medieval streets are filled with buskers, artists and actors vying for your attention. Why? It is the Edinburgh Festival Fringe! Every corner of the already raucous city roars with laughter. Wander and explore, maybe find your way into a hidden pub down one of the old cobbled streets and you might chance upon a little-known genius stand-up show, or head to one of the more famous acts who will be taking up their monthly residency in one of the city's fascinating buildings, from the Central Mosque to Dovecot Studios Ladies Baths.

    2. Comporta

    Portugal's more popular holiday destination is the Algarve. Fewer people though have heard of the equally as beautiful and far more laid-back Comporta on the west coast and about an hour's drive from lovely Lisbon. Golden sand stretches along the coast, canals criss-cross the land, and fields bulge with organic courgettes and broccoli. The area has attracted designers, models and high society for years, so there's an incredible offering of stylishly designed villas to rent, from pared-back and beachy, to glass-walled and flashy.

    3. Amsterdam

    A long weekend in Amsterdam will provide you with enough merriment and wild stories to carry you through the winter (though likely a few not apropriate for your children). Everything is hyped up in the Dutch city; museums are wacky, weird and downright fascinating, and cafés go from loud, to totally laid-back. The tourist areas like Jordaan and the old town are stunning mazes to get lost in, and there is always a bar near at hand for a refresher. East Amsterdam, which is packed with kitsch shops, art galleries and delightful people enjoying a Grolsch in one of the café gardens.

    4. The French Lakes

    For a breath of fresh air, head to the Alpine lakes like Lac De Bourget, Lac D’Annecy or Lac D’Aigeubellette where the waters are just clear, walks are long and the views spectacular. The food is typically deliciously French. The lakes restaurants are far more affordable, less crowded than areas like the French Riviera but equally as awesome. There's also something lovely about staying in the mountains; the air is clear and fresh, the surrounding peaks scattered with ancient ruins and the little towns bustle with French provincial life.

    5. Bora Bora

    For something a little further afield, picture in your mind an atypical image of your perfect island paradise. Now, I suspect it looks something like Bora Bora’s stilted bungalows jetting out into the turquoise lagoon. Volcanic Bora Bora is surrounded by a coral reef, which makes it ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. A perfectly beautiful beach getaway!


    The perfect holiday needs the perfect travelling companion. And might we be so bold as to suggest taking your HBB?

    Comfortable, practical, and stylish. We have bags perfect for long walks, lazy beach days, or hectic city breaks.


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