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3 Jul 2018

Secure bags: Perfect for travel

Secure Bags: Perfect for Travelling

It's summer, the time of beach trips and mountain hikes. A time for adventuring on foreign continents, exploring hidden alleyways in far off lands and tasting foods you've never tried before.

But don't get so distracted by taking in all the sights! One must always be safe and protected against pickpockets and thieves.

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3 Jul 2018

Why you should go 100% Green Beauty


What do we mean by Green Beauty?

Green as a word automatically implies connotations of a proximity to nature. Green beauty then is as you would imagine, beauty products made from high quality organic materials. More than this, it’s made in a sustainable ethical fashion.
Green beauty is often said in the same breath as terms such as ‘clean beauty, natural beauty’ and ‘organic beauty’, but what do each of these mean and what is best?

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28 Jun 2018

Why you Should be Prepping your Meals in Advance

Meal Prep is Essential for a Heathy Lifestyle

“Failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” 

This may sound harsh, but it’s true. We run busy lives, whether you are a mum, a student or in full-time, work it can seem impossible to spare the time to make a tasty healthy meal three times a day.

Inevitably we slide into unhealthy habits. We grab some fast food, or just eat a couple packets of crisps on the go. This is where meal prep comes into play, so that you never get caught without food again.

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28 Jun 2018

HBBs and Yogagise with Sarah Highfield

HBBs and Yogagise

We love a bit of yoga in the HBB office and it seems yoga lovers love HBBs.

Check out these posts: 8 Alternative Yogas, Dogs and Yoga?, 5 Common Back Problems and how to treat them

Recently one of our bags was taken travelling by Yogagise yoga instructor Sarah Highfield.

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26 Jun 2018

Yoga On Water

Pool Yoga: The coolest way to get beach fit

We’ve addressed some weird, wacky and funky fitness and health trends like aerial yoga or wine baths. Today, we thought we would talk about a new one we recently came across.

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