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19 Sep 2017

Star Seasonal Flower Power

Star Seasonal - Flower Power

Each season we unleash a new collection of fresh designs and colours out into the world, matching our bags with current trending colours, fabrics and patterns.

And each year we surprise and delight even ourselves with how some of these bags turn out. 


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19 Sep 2017


Your Birthstone – The Power Within 


Whether or not you are completely persuaded on the abilities that crystals hold, we are pretty sure that it can’t hurt to have them about. And of course on top of this they are really quite pretty.

Each month and each zodiac sign has a different crystal attached to it, each with differing properties that should help you get through your day to day life surrounded by good fortune and positive energy.

Here are a selection of birthstones with traits to help you in your everyday life.


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19 Sep 2017

5 Myths about Tea you shouldn't believe

Tea Myths

Tea time, one of the most British of pastimes.

Autumn is settling in, clouds roll over, leaves fall, and winds lash the consistently disappointing drizzle around us. There are few things more comforting in these dreary autumnal days than a warming cup of tea.

However, there are a few myths about tea that we wanted to debunk. Will milk ruin your brew? Does tea cause you to pee? It may not sound like the most important fact finding mission, but we believe that it’s important to get your facts straight when tea time comes around.



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12 Sep 2017

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week / New York Fashion Week

Following on from New York, Fashion Week is now hitting London!

Showcasing Autumn Winter collections from some of the biggest brands, this massive fashion bonanza is where you need to be to discover and unravel the newest fashion trends.

London Fashion Week runs from 15th - 19th September 2017

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12 Sep 2017

Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair comes to The Yard

London Design Festival

Alongside London Fashion Week, the Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair comes to The Yard

Open to industry and the style-loving public this London Fashion Week, Clerkenwell Vintage Fashion Fair arrives at Shoreditch venue The Yard for one day of very unique shopping.

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