Navigating Sustainability

Our Journey towards a Greener Future

In a world where environmental consciousness is no longer a trend but a necessity, the global fashion industry faces an uphill battle in claiming eco-friendly credentials. At The Healthy Back Bag Company, we recognise that achieving true sustainability within this complex landscape is a challenge. We won’t make empty claims about our commitment to the planet, but we will share our sincere efforts and honest progress in our journey towards a greener future.


Embracing Imperfection

Our business thrives on valuing both an environmentally friendly lifestyle and the well-being of our customers. 

However, we wholeheartedly admit that the intricate web of the global fashion industry makes it a formidable task to attain impeccable eco-credentials. 

This is why we are stepping away from sweeping sustainability statements and, instead, embracing honesty, transparency, and accountability.

Confronting the Reality

It’s no secret that the fashion industry leaves a significant footprint on the environment. 

The ambiguity surrounding the term “sustainable fashion” can be overwhelming, leaving all of us puzzled and sceptical. In response, we are committed to a path of transparency and clarity, enabling our customers to make informed choices about their purchases.

We acknowledge that the path towards sustainability is a continuous one, with obstacles and complexities that can’t be easily overcome. Instead of pretending to be entirely sustainable, we choose to stand by values of honesty and authenticity.

“We embrace honesty, transparency and authenticity”

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So what are we doing about it?

Our commitment to a more eco-conscious future isn’t just lip service. Here are some of the tangible steps we’re taking right now:

Eco-friendly Packaging: We’ve adopted recyclable, and recycled packaging as our standard. Our hangtags are made from 100% FSC certified paper printed with soy based inks and are fastened with a waxed cotton cord. 

Sustainable Transport: To reduce carbon emissions, we ship our bags by boat from our factories in the Far East to Europe. This six-week journey is one of the most sustainable transportation methods available.

Material Innovation: While achieving 100% organic and recycled materials isn’t always feasible, we’re well on our way. All of our new AW24 products will have recycled nylon linings and of those, our AW24 print bags will be made from recycled material inside and out.

Giving Back: We support projects and charities that have a positive impact on people’s lives, such as Movember and breast cancer charity Coppafeel. We have donated 100’s of changing mats and waterproof pouches to Happy Baby Community to distribute to new mothers. Additionally, we donate bags to initiatives like Barnardo’s, Love Grace charities and the Outdoor Guide Foundation’s Waterproofs and Wellies campaign.

Pre-Loved Program: We’re committed to reducing waste. Returned or leftover items find a new home through our Pre-Loved Program.

Building Relationships: Healthy relationships are at the core of our values. This extends not only to our team but also to factories, suppliers, warehousing, and, of course, our customers. We have worked with the same factories for over 20 years and are proud of our 4.9/5 star rating on TrustPilot with over 3,000 reviews.

Holistic well-being: A commitment to health and well-being runs through everything we do. From ergonomic office furniture for all our office team to promoting healthy living, we’re dedicated to a holistic approach to life, both inside and outside the office.

The Path Forward

Transparency is the cornerstone of our journey. We pledge to continue sharing detailed insights into our materials and the impact of our products. 

As we navigate this ever-evolving landscape, we’re actively seeking better alternatives, enhancing transparency in our supply chain, and supporting worthy causes. 

Mistakes are inevitable, but we own up to them and strive for improvement. Our mission remains unwavering: to prioritise our customers’ well-being and provide an eco-friendly option for our community.

“Transparency is the cornerstone of our journey”


We're Not Flawless

In an imperfect world, we’re committed to fostering positive change. Our journey may not be flawless, but it’s one guided by genuine intentions, responsible actions, and a shared hope for a greener future.

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