Spring cleaning &
baby basics donation

Spring cleaning after a long winter is always cathartic. With the lengthening days and brighter skies, all those dusty corners and cluttered cupboards come into focus and since Christmas is long gone, all those leftover packets and tins can be used up or recycled.

Making way for the new is very much what this time of year is about and not just in the home. One of our post-Covid, post-winter tasks at HBB HQ recently has been to have a trawl through our warehouse to make space for the new season Healthy Back Bags and to consolidate existing stock. We were excited to discover some dust covered boxes of spare baby changing mats and waterproof pouches hiding in a corner which are sold as part of our Baby Bag bundle. With sustainability and waste reduction top of our minds, we decided to put them to good use.

Baby Changing

Getting Creative

The discussion about what exactly to do with them was entertaining with some innovative suggestions for both items. For example: the changing mat would be ‘great for sitting on when camping’, ‘comfortable for kneeling on when you’re gardening’, ‘perfect for impromptu picnics or taking a break on a country walk’, or ‘excellent rolled up as a pillow for sunbathing on holiday’.

The waterproof pouches make for excellent make up pouches, sun cream holders, a wet weather tech bag or even a place to keep your sandwiches. Some were slightly mad such as ‘use the mat as an emergency umbrella’ or ‘a waterproof cape’. Maybe a step too far!

The Result

What we did all agree on was the need to put them to good use and to find a charity which we could support in the process. A quick search on the internet and up popped Baby Basics. Baby Basics is a volunteer led organisation which supports new mothers and their families via a nationwide network. Perfect!

Since then we have so far donated over 100 packs comprising both changing mat and waterproof pouch with more destined for regional locations.

We’re happy and proud to be supporting such a great project. And as a bonus,  we’ve been able to turn surplus stock into something useful. And as a result we also have some space ready for incoming SS22 product…watch this space!

Textured Nylon Baby Changing Bag Crimson

About our baby bags

Our award-winning Baby Bags are designed to make life easier when out and about with a little one. They’re lightweight, hardwearing and completely machine washable. With its extra-wide padded shoulder strap and multiple pockets inside and out, this bag is practical, comfortable and spacious.

Wear cross-body to have hands free for the baby, but still have the ability to pull the bag round to access contents without taking it off. It comes with a removable plastic pouch to keep dirty or wet stuff separate, a washable, padded changing mat, a zipped purse on a lanyard, and an insulated bottle pocket. Meaning it will keep you fully prepared to travel with your baby any time, any place, anywhere.

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