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Colour of the Year

Very Peri Pantone 17-3938 ‘a dynamic periwinkle blue hue’ the Pantone colour of 2022, should be popular because blue is the colour most loved worldwide. I was surprised at the choice as it’s so close to both Ultra Violet of 2018 and 2020’s Classic Blue. However, the good news is that unlike 2021’s bright yellow Illuminating which is perfect only for warm skin tones (Springs and Autumns) this hue works well for us all.

Pantone have announced a Colour of the Year since 1999. Now, for the first time, they’ve created one new to their existing range. They research, to name but a few, political events, art, film, sporting events, the world of virtual reality and now the metaverse, to discover the colour representative of the zeitgeist. The chosen one is a colour which will shine throughout the year in both fashion and design.

They decided it had to feel empowering after another turbulent pandemic year, so blue, representative of trust, calm and reliability was felt to be appropriate. The injection of a red undertone created ‘the happiest and warmest of all blue hues’  Some describe Very Peri as purple, others call it blue or ‘a shade of lavender’ So take your pick!


Very Peri in Fashion

Very Peri is already on the catwalks. Check it out at Chanel. But it isn’t new as a fashion statement. Kate and Camilla wore iterations to the Royals’ Christmas service in 2019. Team Biden, Jill and Kamala, wore it to the January 2020 inauguration. They can all shop in their own closets. Hopefully we can too. By chance, just before the announcement was made, I bought a beautiful pre-loved fit ‘n‘ flare lace party dress in this hue. The only thing missing now is the party!

How to wear Very Peri

If you have been Colour Analysed, check the rating through your colour season. This will clarify whether Very Peri looks stunning worn head to toe or is best kept as a splash in patterns and accessories. It might be fun introduced as a dash of eye shadow or eye pencil, mixed with neutral grey or brown shadows, or maybe you fancy the current blue or purple hair trend.

If you know you’re a Winter you will rate fantastically well in this colour. Summers might go for a softer plum, lavender or grape iteration. Very Peri sits between Spring’s violet and bright blue, so will work well with all the palette and is particularly wonderful for Blue Springs. Some Autumns might go for just a touch but Blue Autumns dazzle in this look as it is close to both their Heliotrope and Royal Purple.


Colour History

Synthetic dyes began in 1859 with Mauve, very similar to this colour. Mauve was worn by Queen Victoria at a daughter’s wedding and became so popular amongst the fashion conscious that there were jokes about ‘mauve measles spreading’ and ‘purple birds of paradise’.

Prior to this time purple dye came from a rare Mediterranean shellfish (now extinct) and Ultramarine blue from lapis lazuli which was mined largely in Afghanistan. They were available to only the few as sourcing them was hugely expensive.

Consequently, they spoke of wealth, authority, and status. Some of this aura still hovers around this look, so perhaps try it at your next important event or on a Zoom meeting and check out the effect. Sometimes colours speak louder than words!

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