Spring Colour 2022

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Fiona Ingham

During a Personal Style consultation, we look at the client’s Lifestyle Wheel. The categories are; Work, Home, Social, Hobbies and Holidays. What percentage of time is spent on each and, importantly, does the client’s current wardrobe reflect that? But since lockdown I’ve noticed a change.

A shift in how we dress

Our lives are now less compartmentalised, and this is reflected in clothing choices. Recent catwalks have celebrated flexible dressing, showing clothes which can be worn to a work meeting then differently accessorised for dining out. Vogue shows sparkly tops jazzing up utility-wear cargo’s and denim is teamed with lace.  Smart trouser suits abound but are roomy, not sharply fitted and put with loafers, dressed down with trainers, or made glamorous with killer heels and statement jewellery.

The past two years have prioritised comfort. We’ve grown used to that so although structured dresses are back, they are often in stretchy or knitted fabrics which allow us to relax and enjoy that dinner!


How to wear your healthy back bag

Dress codes constantly evolve, and recent events have accelerated change. My HBBs, comfortable to carry and hands free, were permanent companions on those daily walks and for park bench coffees. However, the general move to a more relaxed look has meant that I‘m now happy to team my dark olive one with a tailored dress for some business meetings.

New Collection

The new HBB range will be a joy to colour lovers. It covers the entire rainbow, offering options for all colour seasons, whether warm, cool, bright, or muted. Look no further if you wish to embrace the current dopamine dressing trend! Autumns and springs can find their delicious acid brights; limes, tangerines, oranges or yellows. The Valentino-type pinks, cobalt blues and emeralds, will ensure that winters and summers feel truly ‘in the pink’.

If you are unsure of your palette, try a lovely red or purple (on trend as Very Peri, Pantone Colour of 2022). My mineral yellow and tangerine bags enliven all autumn neutrals. But on warmer days I’m going for full dopamine effect by teaming them with orange-red, buttercup-yellow and grass-green spring coats.

Tropic S
Textured Nylon Wisteria

How to choose the perfect bag

When choosing your HBB, check which clothes are already in your wardrobe to see what will coordinate. If your current bag is a neutral or dark perhaps go vibrant or try a pretty pastel. The catwalks promoted a huge variety of pattern: retro, tropical, animal, stripes or florals. If so far you’ve opted for a plain what about branching out?

HBB can be a great way of nodding to these trends and updating your look if a head-to-toe print isn’t you. I tend to go for angles and stripes, but rounded shapes and florals might be more to your taste. If the pattern is right for you and your wardrobe the look won’t date or fall from favour.

Maybe refer to the Lifestyle Wheel and decide which areas of your life you want to carry your bag into. Will a riot of colourful pattern feel great in that beach bar? Will you be the envy of your friends with your soft pastel at a girl’s night out? Would you prefer a more restrained look at the governor’s meeting? It’s your choice. One thing is certain. The right bag for you will be sure to put a spring in your step!

stripey dress and blusher copy

Fiona Ingham

Consistent holder of the House of Colour Star Consultant award each year since 1991 plus the new Double and Triple Star Consultant award for 2020. Winner of the Business Development Award and Team Productivity Award and also a 2017 Livewire Innovation and Excellence Award.

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