What is Tyvek?


We are always on the lookout for innovative fabrics to make bags from. This can come in the form of colour, texture or print however one thing which remains constant throughout our design process is a desire to make bags which don’t just look great but are highly functional too.

We know that our customers lead busy lives and use their Healthy Back Bags for many purposes: work, travel, hiking, cycling, walking…the list goes on. We also know that our bags need to withstand the knocks and scrapes that life on the go throws at them so fabric choice is important. No one wants a bag looking like a sack of potatoes after its first outing.

Getting Creative

One of the most exciting fabrics we’ve come across recently is Tyvek®. If you’ve ever been to a festival and been issued with one of those tear-proof wristbands, chances are you’ve come across Tyvek®. And if you’re anything like us, you’ve awkwardly and with some relief had to cut it off your wrist after the event since it simply won’t rip.

Tyvek® came to our attention because it’s all the things we like. It’s tough and hardworking yet super-lightweight. It’s also breathable but resistant to water, abrasion, and bacteria. But that’s not the end of the story.

Camo Utility S

The Result

We always have our eye on our environmental footprint so when we learnt that the fabric is 100% recyclable* and often enjoys a second life in products like pallets, park benches and playground equipment we started to get interested.

The big question then was how would this work as a Healthy Back Bag? It’s got a paper-like quality so how’s that going to feel on your shoulder or back? We made a few samples to give it a test and were surprised by the result. We overprinted it with a subtle leopard pattern (everyone loves a bit of leopard right?) and the process magically transformed the fabric into a chamois-like texture: super-soft and tactile yet indestructible and lightweight. We loved them so much we printed more in a camo print and now are proud to present our Tyvek® collection of both small and medium bags.

Are they our best Healthy Back Bags yet? That’s up to you to decide but for us, they’re pretty perfect!

Beige Leopard S
Beige Leopard
Beige Leopard S

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