Embracing Autumn

Written by Clare Elson

Embracing Autumn weather

For some, saying goodbye to the summer with its laid-back, holiday vibe is a difficult thing to do and we desperately hang onto its coat tails for as long as we can well into September. Because by mid-October we shift a gear and start embracing Autumn with cosy evenings in, stews in the oven and a pint in the pub after a long walk on a Sunday afternoon.

Northern Lights

Time to reset

But it’s not just about a change of pace embracing Autumn comes with all sorts of possibilities: while nature takes a break in the most spectacularly colourful way, for us, it’s also a chance to regroup, recharge and renew. It’s no accident that we launch a new collection each Autumn and Spring. We start looking at trends 18 months before and begin a cycle of research, planning and sampling. Spring collections are often brighter, optimistic colours, Autumn reflects a slowing down, warmth and a time to reflect. Each season we take stock, clear out and make space for the new.

Our Autumn Collection

This Autumn we’ve come up with a collection of bags which loosely follow seasonal trends – you’ll be seeing these colours in the shops, in homewares and in design magazines – but we have interpret and rework these specifically with our customers in mind so for AW22 you’ll see warm shades, reflective surfaces and natural prints ready for you to throw on, head out, take a deep breath of Autumn air and maybe slide into your local on the way home!

See our full Autumn / Winter 2022 Lookbook here.

7 things we love about Autumn

  1. Warm colours
  2. Fallen leaves
  3. Perfect weather
  4. Sunday lunches
  5. Country walks (see our friends at The Outdoor Guide)
  6. Cozy evenings
  7. Slowing down

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