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Fiona Ingham

Suddenly we have had to become Zoom experts. I enjoy Pilates and chats with friends and am even dragged unwillingly to the weekly Zoom quiz! I can’t do Colour Analysis sessions but Zoom Make-up Demos for groups and Zoom Personal Style Individual Sessions work incredibly well. Many have booked as they now have the time, want some escapism, can be based anywhere, and importantly, because they want to look better under the scrutiny of Zoom.

By now we’re well versed in the basics: don’t clash with or have an embarrassing background. Angle the screen well and raise it. Be a distance from the laptop so the face doesn’t fill the screen. Maybe promote your intellectual side with carefully chosen books that you always meant to read. Ensure your partner won’t appear in a dressing gown. Don’t say anything negative in case you’re unmuted or haven’t actually left the meeting. Wear a suitable bottom half in case you need to stand up. Control the family noises off.

It's not just your clothes...

So, with all of that sorted let’s turn firstly to make-up. On my Zoom demos I talk about an Express Make-up which takes a couple of minutes. It’s the one for you if you are time-poor: foundation, blusher, mascara and importantly lipstick which adds contrast to the face. For a Zoom chat that suffices for me but for a professional consultation I prefer to go for a full Classic look where I add concealer, bronzer ( or powder), illuminator, eye brow pencil, eye shadows, eye pencil, lip pencil. Demonstrating and talking through this takes me an hour but left to my own devices it’s just 10 minutes, and well worth it! Lockdown is the best time and place to practice your make-up skills.

Self Care

Don't be afraid of colour

I recommend wearing a coloured top rather than a neutral one as you’ll stand out more in that sea of neutral squares. If you know your colours it’s easy, if not here are some safe colours which work for all skin tones: Royal Purple, Primary Red, Sea Green, Kingfisher, Hyacinth Blue, Forest Green. Beware Marmite colours such as Mustard, Coral, Burgundy or Fuchsia. Make sure the neckline you choose works well for your face shape and neck length. If you must wear a neutral maybe try a colourful scarf appropriately tied, or a necklace in the right scale for you. (See my Instagram for example of wrong and right scales). Patterns can be difficult so do take care.

It’s good to avoid anything moving about such as those wonderful dangling earrings which will distract from your words on screen, or the necklace you can’t help fiddling with. A nice watch and a bracelet which doesn’t clank on the table, can add interest as can a ring if your well-manicured hands will be seen.


Final touches

Lockdown hair! My Gamine crop has grown out and I find hair gel gives it the neat outline that I need. Hair grips and hair bands can give a new style. Maybe the hair pulled back or put up will work. It’s fun to experiment. Hair mascara produced by many brands will cover up the grey roots.

Looking good on Zoom lifts the spirits and getting our make-up right for Zoom will stand us in good stead for any future settings, whether on screen or in person, and whether at work or out on the town!

stripey dress and blusher copy

Fiona Ingham

Consistent holder of the House of Colour Star Consultant award each year since 1991 plus the new Double and Triple Star Consultant award for 2020. Winner of the Business Development Award and Team Productivity Award and also a 2017 Livewire Innovation and Excellence Award.

Colour Analysis can be a private, Individual session or Duo session where two friends attend together in the Primrose Hill studio.

Personal Style can be an Individual session or a Duo session for two friends in the studio OR an Individual session on Zoom for clients who live further away.

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