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Fiona Ingham

Maybe you believe that Marie Kondo is right but somehow just haven’t been able to get rid of those clothes which don’t spark joy.

Well, now’s a great time for that wardrobe declutter so I do hope these tips might be helpful!

Importantly, feel free to keep items of sentimental value but store them away from the working wardrobe. For me it’s my Thierry Mugler jackets, bought preloved in the 80s.


The Basics

Make sure that you have a full-length mirror.

Scrutinise the clothes in a good light and get rid of anything bobbly, faded or permanently stained. Pull out anything that you can mend now or can take to a good dry-cleaners when the crisis is over.

I recommend reviewing your clothes in categories, to avoid being swamped and giving up on the job!

First steps

So, let’s start with jackets. From being out in the cold they’re back with a vengeance, so try each one on to check before getting rid. Sleeve lengths are important. If they half cover the hands of a petite or give a skimpy look to long arms they ruin the outfit. Are the shoulders a blast from the past? Perhaps you don’t wear it because the jacket length is too long or too short for your height, or too fitted or too unstructured for your body shape? Maybe update by teaming that formal jacket with jeans, or over a dress.

Your best lengths of skirts and dresses will depend on body proportions and personality. Whatever anyone says, age also plays a part! Shorter works best for me, but I’ve moved from way above the knee in my heyday, to on the knee now in my prime. The look can be updated by teaming with trainers or boots.

Danger zones

Trousers seem to be the first garment to show every added kilo. So be ruthless, get rid of any that have no hope of fitting again (sadly my Topshop leopard skin, skin tight jeggings, a mad impulse buy, just had to go). All shapes are currently fine. Curvy bodies usually excel in straight, bootleg and softer fabrics. Petites look good in straight, skinny, bootleg and are swamped if too wide. The tall with straight body lines are lucky, as almost anything goes.

Possibly that top isn’t worn because the neckline is unflattering. In a nutshell – softer body shapes, shorter necks, soft faces excel in drape, scoop, wide soft v. Angular bodies, faces and longer necks look their best in a sharp v, square, slash, or high polo. Or possibly the pattern is the wrong scale or shape for you.


Get brutal

Be ruthless with those accessories, only keep the scarves, belts and costume jewellery, that you use. Ensure that you have a bag for every event and work out which are the ones that you actually use. Shoes can date us so check they aren’t out of time.

Try items on together and see whether they work, or is your buying rather hit and miss? Maybe send a photo to a young person or a stylish friend if you are undecided. It’s good to make a note of any bad patterns of buying that you’ve discovered.

Have separate piles for when the crisis is over: give to a friend, to charity or sell. Make someone’s day!
Now is a wonderful time to think about building an effective wardrobe and discovering your Personal Style as this can now be done on Zoom. It works well and is great fun. Colour Analysis sessions will have to wait until everything is back to normal! Good luck and have fun!

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