Our top energy saving tips for winter

How to keep warm while saving on bills this winter

With winter bills at the top of everyone’s agenda and the Cost of Living Crisis the subject of many conversations (‘COLC’ we’re reliably informed it’s now known as), we’ve been discussing a few of our own top tips for saving energy and keeping warm this winter. 

Here are some we’ve tried or come across, some highly practical and easy to implement and some a bit out there but worth a try.

Turn the heating down by 1°C to save on energy

Wear a jumper and a pair of socks indoors and you probably won’t notice any difference yet this will have a massive effect on your energy bills with British Gas suggesting that you could save yourself £115 per year on average. According to the World Health Organisation, 18°C should be fine for young adults, slightly higher for the young or very old.

Use tumble dryers less

This is an obvious one, tumble dryers really are one of the most expensive appliances to run and typically cost around £1 per load so using an indoor airer in a well-ventilated room instead will save you £’s over the winter. If you do need to use it, maximise the load to get the most out of that energy.

“Choose air drying over tumble drying where possible”


Only heat the room you are using

An easy one! Turn radiators off or on very low in spare or occasional use rooms. There’s a misconception that leaving the heating on low saves money in the long run but some heat always escapes however well your house is insulated so much more effective to switch it off in unused rooms.

Wrap insulation around exposed pipes

You can buy foam pipe insulation from builders merchants, wrap this around hot water pipes to keep them warm and reduce heating costs.

Reduce shower time, even a minute could save £35 a year!


Hang thick curtains over open doorways or inside front doors

This stops draughts and keeps the warmth in. Up to 24% of heat produced in a home can escape out of old, draughty windows and doors so cover up if you can or use draught excluders. If you have wooden floorboards or a tiled floor, think about throwing a few thick rugs down….cover the cracks and keep the warmth.

Switch to energy saving lightbulbs

They use about half the energy of the larger spiral energy-saving bulbs and they also last for a lot longer. It’s possible to save around £6 per year per bulb, as a general guide, look for light bulbs with the lowest watts. And of course, switch lights out in unused rooms/areas.


Old fashion hacks

Working from home? Wear socks and slippers and place your feet on a rug or mat. Keep a hot water bottle to hand to keep you warm if you are sitting still for long periods.

Need instant draught excluders? Fan fold a sheet of newspaper and insert it into the gap between window and frame where it will expand and stop the draught.

Always running the dishwasher? Ditch the dishwasher midweek and hand wash the dishes instead or at least only run it when it’s full.

Light a candle

This might not make any difference to your energy bills but lighting a few on a dark evening will certainly make you feel cosier.

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