Viva Magenta the colour of the year 2023

Written by Fiona Ingham for House of Colour

Welcome to the Magentaverse!


Leatrice Eiseman Executive Director, has announced Viva Magenta as Pantone’s colour of 2023. Since 2000, Pantone, both a predictor and influencer of colour trends has chosen a colour to symbolise the year. Recently both warm and cool shades have featured : Living Coral, Classic Blue, Illuminating Yellow/Ultimate Gray and in 2022 Veri Peri, a violet hue, kind to all skin tones.

Pantone’s global team have researched art, films, worldwide events, social media, technology and much more, to choose a colour which best represents the zeitgeist of this ‘unconventional time’.

“Viva Magenta is their choice for 2023”

The colour of the year explained

The announcement’s prose is, as always, rather purple, and a huge amount is asked of the colour. It’s described as vibrating ‘with vim and vigor’, promoting a ‘joyous and optimistic celebration’, ‘writing a new narrative’ and being  ‘brave and fearless‘. It will ‘galvanize our spirit and help us to build our inner strength’. Well, let’s hope so!

The red of cochineal, most precious and brightest of the natural dyes, is the inspiration. Viva Magenta is also related to ‘mauveine’, the first synthetic dye which rapidly became fashionable as natural purples had previously been hugely expensive, when discovered accidentally by the chemist William Perkin in 1856.

Pantone believes the added blue note removes any aggressive connotations but retains its standout, bold statement quality.‘Pinkish red’, ‘Carmine red’, ‘Blue-pink’, ‘between blue and red’ have all been used to describe it.

“Viva Magenta is bringing vibrancy into 2023” 


Viva Magenta already spotted

Iterations have appeared on the red carpet and Lewis Hamilton wore it fabulously head to toe last September. The Princess of Wales sported a Viva Magenta trouser suit on the day of the announcement. It’s already available in many clothing brands.

Who can wear Viva Magenta?

It’s wonderful for the cool based, fitting well into the burgundy/carmine/fuchsia looks for Winters and the burgundy/cherry/amethyst looks for Summers. Pantone have collaborated to produce sneakers and a phone in this hue. Many House of Colour Winter and Summer lipsticks and all the blushers work with it.

It’s not a colour for the warm based skin tones of Autumns and Springs . But a tiny amount in a pattern or trim, even the colour clash of a belt or small bag could be fun. Pantone’s limited edition Cortado cup or Key chain are other options.

Interior Design

Viva Magenta will be everywhere in interior design in 2023, which is moving away from the greiges of recent years. Going bold and painting a wall or maybe just adding a bright pop with a cushion or rug are ways of getting in on the act!

Autumn and Springs

But warm based people do take heart! Check out instead the bright warm green of the rented evening dress worn by the Princess of Wales in Boston. A shade equally appropriate for these ‘unconventional times’ and a nod to green issues.

Just as much a ‘stand out statement’ as Viva Magenta and perfect with any House of Colour Spring or Autumn lipstick or blusher. Due to the ‘Kate effect’ it may well spike in popularity and become a trend colour and readily available. Let’s hope so! If neither of these colours appeal there are still fabulous purple and violet variants of 2022’s Veri Peri around.

They can be bought with confidence as they are flattering to all colourings!