7 Eco Friendly Christmas Wrapping Ideas

Written by Clare Elson

Looking for options this year to the usual dash and grab wrapping paper frenzy? Look no further. We’ve rounded up 7 eco-friendly Christmas wrapping ideas which will not only free up some space at the bottom of that craft/paper box but will help reduce waste too.

Fabric remnants and spare ribbon

Use end of roll fabric or forage in the offcuts bin at your local department or fabrics store and use instead of wrapping paper for that personalised touch this year, but go as glittery as you like and secure with spare ribbon or repurposed cord from shopping bag handles.


“Soft and personalised”

Brown Paper 

One of our favourite eco-friendly Christmas wrapping ideas is brown paper. Not only can parcel paper look pretty sophisticated but pair it with some simple white string to create minimalist gift wrapped presents. Cheap, elegant and who doesn’t love a brown paper package tied up with string?


Aluminium foil

A class act from a teenage son late on Christmas Eve one year direct from the kitchen drawer. Perhaps some kind of labelling would have been good to avoid pass the parcel the next day but it was a nice thought.


Magazine pages

Tear out the most colourful pages from the glossy magazines on your coffee table and glue or tape together to make sheets of giftwrap. Secure with some washi tape for that extra pop of colour.

“Recycling at its best.”

Newspaper and String

Depends how upmarket you want to go but there’s nothing wrong with a red top brightening up your gifting this Christmas. Use string for that authentic ‘just back from the butchers’ look or get your glam on with some spare tinsel.

Pre-loved Christmas wrapping

You might be the person who tenderly smooths and folds plastic bags then secures them in a neat pile with an elastic band (who, me?) in which case you will be no stranger to the practice of quietly hoarding other people’s gift wrap across the year (especially the nice stuff and the posh ribbon). This is the time to use it all up. Sense of serenity and wholesomeness guaranteed. Ironing it flat is definitely a step too far though isn’t it?

Tin cans or jars

Think about going 3D with empty cans, pots and jars with bit of cellophane and some ribbon for a professional flourish.

One last tip....

Recycle Now has a great article on how to recycle right this Christmas so be sure to check it out if you are unsure what can and can’t be recycled!
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