Peach Fuzz the colour of the year 2024

Written by Fiona Ingham for House of Colour

Another year, another Pantone COTY!


Pantone’s 25th Color of the Year is Peach Fuzz. Initially I misread it as ‘Peach Fizz’ which I rather prefer, reminiscent of a delicious Bellini cocktail of precisely the same hue that I was introduced to in Venice many years ago.

Throughout each year Pantone experts take soundings internationally, in fields as diverse as world events, tech, fashionable travel destinations, sports, movies, fashion, design, and very much more, to decide upon a Colour of the Year.

“Peach Fuzz is their choice for 2024”

woman in station wearing peach colour

Favourite time of year!

As a colour analyst I applaud this annual event because it draws attention to colour and encourages a conversation around its importance. As Laurie Pressman, Vice President of the Pantone Color Institute suggests, their choice ‘highlights color’s role as a silent language. On any given day the colors you wear affect your mood and how you want others to perceive you. Color is an important message you send to the world’ So true!

Anything which encourages people to consider wearing colour instead of the UK’s ubiquitous black, white and grey is to be welcomed!

“highlights colour’s role as a silent language” 


Already Trending?

Pantone already have set up collaborations with many companies producing Peach Fuzz looks in varied products including phones, trainers, toothbrushes, cosmetics, and even tea! I hear there are requests for peachy hair tones and already brides are considering it. I imagine we will all be able to enjoy its cosy feeling in interior décor.

Who can wear Peach Fuzz?

Should you go for it? Will it work in your wardrobe? Unlike some previous choices such as 2022’s intense purple Veri Peri which is flattering for all and should work in any wardrobe, it is a colour that can totally wash out skin tones. If you haven’t done
your Colours and are considering investing in a peach toned  item, do hold it against your face with a critical eye to ensure that it flatters.

It works for the warm based- Springs and Autumns, and will blend in with their palettes. It can be taken deeper to oranges and tangerines. The detailed colour rating done for clients at a Colour Analysis session will tell whether this hue is excellent in large amounts or as I will wear it, with my Autumn colours, just as a pattern or an accessory.

Winters and Summers, you know to avoid it! It will clash with your skin tones and your colour palette. An equivalent soft but cool look could be Millennial Pink or the Rose Quartz of 2019 which are still around.

Amazing alternatives!

If you want to add colour but are unsure of what suits, maybe try a forest green, purple, poppy red or teal. People are often surprised to learn that these hues work pretty well for all skin tones and colour palettes.


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