Bagletts - Our original crossbody sling bag


If you’ve been out and about recently, you’ve probably noticed the latest must have accessory: the sling bag. In all shapes and forms, these small crossbody bags are having a moment. We’ve finally waved goodbye to the habit of taking the kitchen sink out with us just to pop to the shops and gone are the days when celebrities lug around a suitcase sized handbag on a night out. As it turns out, we’ve had sling bags in our lineup since the early 2000’s!

Textured Nylon Lagoon Baglett

What is the sling bag?

Sling bags are designed to carry your daily essentials and to be worn slung across the chest leaving your hands free for shopping, cycling, walking the dog or a stroll around the local park. They are generally capacious enough to hold more than your door keys and often have nifty pockets to hold your phone, coins, sunglasses or a small book.

Crossbody benefits

We’ve understood the benefit of small crossbody bags for a long time. Our Bagletts were probably one of the earliest sling bags to hit the market back in the early 2000’s and immediately became one of our best sellers. We understand the importance of combining fun with function so we designed these mini bags with a long adjustable and detachable strap which means that they can be worn any way you like. We also made them with a ‘D’ ring which clips into a regular sized Healthy Back Bag for times when you need a grab bag of essentials neatly stowed into a larger bag.

Microfibre Mini Baglett berry sorbet
Textured Nylon Baglett Rocket Grey

The Large Baglett

In 2009 we launched our Large Baglett in the form of a ‘Cause Bag’ sold to raise funds for cancer charities like CoppaFeel. This slighty larger version of the original Baglett was designed with space to hold a water bottle or a small umbrella yet still light enough to sling across the body and forget about.

It wasn’t long before we started to add more colours in Microfibre and subsequently Textured Nylon and in 2016 teamed up with textile designer Margo Selby and made a designer version adding an element of luxury to our sling bag line up. Today our Baglett and Large Baglett line up totals some 40 bags and we’re happy that latest trend or not, we’ve got your back every time.

Top 7 reasons to carry a Healthy Back Bag Baglett


  1. Cross body – leaves hands free to get on with other things
  2. Minimal contents – lighter load on your back
  3. Versatile – can be worn front or back
  4. Key hook – always keep your keys to hand
  5. Multiple colour and fabric choices – smart or casual, there’s one for every occasion
  6. Sanitized lining – prevents the spread of bacteria
  7. 2 outside and 1 interior pocket for extra organisation

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