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Fiona Ingham

How colour analysis works

Colour Analysis discovers which colours are best for your skin tones, eye colour and natural hair colour. It works for both women and men. Despite advice given on internet forums and by fashion journalists, please don’t waste time trying to discover your colour season by deciding whether your veins are blue or green (an impossible task!) or following the diktat that skin with a slightly sallow look needs warm colours (it usually doesn’t). Successful Colour Analysis needs two hours in front of a mirror, guided by an experienced consultant.

After a consultation you get a fabulous fan of fabrics in the colours of your season and an individualised booklet. A quarter of the colours in the world are represented. If, for example, you are a Winter then your colours will be cool, bright and clear. In total contrast, Autumn colours are warm, rich and soft.

The session includes a detailed rating through these colours to discover those which are stunning (your wow colours) those which are pretty good and those which are best kept away from the face or worn only as accents. This rating is what decides your Sub Season.

Colour Changes

During our lifetime this detailed rating will change. In their teens a Winter might look stunning wearing a black high necked top and trousers, but an older person might look great when a bright or soft colour is added around the face.

A teenager who is a Summer might rock a powder pink dress, while an older woman might wear it as a shirt, jacket, an accessory or in a pattern. If your hair goes grey or white the season won’t change but your best colours within that range and the best way to wear them will.

A Colour Rerate (£90) updates by revisiting the colours of your season. It’s great to do this a few years after Colour Analysis if you feel your colours are no longer working so well. Advanced Colour (£150) can be done at any time to increase colour knowledge and discover exciting new ways of combining your colours.


Both sessions include a Makeup Review as our best looks may change over time. Makeup, particularly lipstick, can be our greatest ally as we get older because it adds back contrast to the face. We may want to go easier on sheen in eyeshadows and not overdo the foundation, but in general the lipstick colour should not go paler.


Adapting your colour season

The way we use our colour seasons can be adapted to fashion trends. We can look great in the current one colour head-to-toe look if we know our wow colours. Currently regal purples, golds, vivid greens, aquas and show stopping reds are to the fore. There are versions of these in each season, so there really is something for everyone.


Consistent holder of the House of Colour Star Consultant award each year since 1991 plus the new Double and Triple Star Consultant award for 2020. Winner of the Business Development Award and Team Productivity Award and also a 2017 Livewire Innovation and Excellence Award.

Colour Analysis can be a private, Individual session or Duo session where two friends attend together in the Primrose Hill studio.

Personal Style can be an Individual session or a Duo session for two friends in the studio OR an Individual session on Zoom for clients who live further away.

Please email or call for full information.

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