Terms and Conditions for all Healthy Back Bag Company giveaways and competitions

The Healthy Back Bag Company / various offers

1. Promotion is available only through ‘thehealthybackbag.co.uk’ and cannot be redeemed through any retailers or distributors.

2. The Healthy Back Bag Co reserves the right to close this promotion at any time and entirely at its discretion. Online customers cannot redeem any of the offers outside the designated offer timeline.

3. In order to redeem this offer customers must enter the assigned promotional code into the designated code box at checkout.


5. The promotion cannot be redeemed retrospectively if the code has not been entered online at the checkout stage of purchase. The promotional code will appear on a purchase receipt.

6. Promotions are as described each week and only apply within the period designated.

7. The Healthy Back Bag Co reserve the right to supply ANY bag of the same or greater value as part of the offer (should a free bag be offered) dependent on availability and entirely at their discretion

8. If any Club HBB offer or promotion has a monetary minimum based condition, all international customers will need to reach the minimum amount regardless of the removal of any taxes or fees.

9. The Healthy Back Bag Co reserve the right to rescind an order where they believe it has been made fraudulently or not in accordance with these Terms and Conditions.

10. No bags offered as free with another purchase or free with a certain spend can be returned or exchanged for any other bags or their monetary value at any time

11. If any items associated with Club HBB promotions are returned or exchanged, then the free bag associated with the order must also be returned. The additional promotional free bag will count as a collective singular item when placing your order using one of our discount codes.

The above points are in addition to the regular HBB competition terms and conditions which can be found here