The Healthy Back Bag & Sanitized®

Since mid 2021 The Healthy Back Bag has been incorporating Sanitized® antimicrobial treatment in the manufacture of Healthy Back Bags.

Our lining material is treated with Sanitized® protective coating to combat the formation and multiplication of bacteria and odour, for greater freshness and peace of mind.

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How Sanitized® works

The Sanitized® treatment is applied to the lining of our bags prevents undesired bacteriafrom reproducing, thereby preventing unpleasant odours.

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Sanitized® Faq's

Based in Switzerland, Sanitized® AG are world leaders in antimicrobial protection of textiles.

Sanitized® treatment prevents the development and spread of bacteria and bacterial odour.

Antibacterials prevent the development of bacteria whilst antimicrobials prevent bacteria and its spreading, providing a broader scope of protection acting as both an antibacterial and antiparasitic.

Sanitized® is an antimicrobial treatment.

It prevents the development and spread of all bacteria.

The treatment is dermatologically tested and approved.

It is a treatment added during the dyeing process of the lining material.

Sanitized® is Bluesign® approved which is the most coveted global seal of approval for sustainability and responsible production methods in the footwear, apparel and accessory industries.

No, since the treatment is part of the dyeing process there is no transferable residue.

Sanitized® treatment will remain effective for the lifetime of the bag.

The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a conversation about bacteria transmission and what we can do on a personal level. Adding Sanitized® treatment to our lining material is a timely innovation and longterm benefit for Healthy Back Bag customers.

This article contains a biocidal product with the active substance: zinc pyrithione.
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