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Our Core Classics are more than meets the eye…

Our Core Classics are more than meets the eye...

Written by Clare Elson

With winter bills at the top of everyone’s agenda and the Cost of Living Crisis the subject of many conversations (‘COLC’ we’re reliably informed it’s now known as), we’ve been discussing a few of our own top tips for saving energy and keeping warm this winter. 

Here are some we’ve tried or come across, some highly practical and easy to implement and some a bit out there but worth a try.

So what exactly is our core range?

Our Textured Nylon and Microfibre bags have been with us since year dot…well almost. Introduced in 1996 just a couple of years after the original leather HBB was launched, Textured Nylon and Microfibre versions of the bags were a welcome addition to the range.

Not only did it mean cheaper options for our customers but they opened up a whole palette of colour possibilities and meant that it wasn’t all about leather. Textured Nylon has a slightly more casual look, Microfibre has a sleeker finish. They quickly became best-sellers and since then, they are always at the core of our range. Always in stock, always plenty of colours to choose from and always popular.

What’s the difference between the two fabrics?

Textured Nylon is tough. Hardwearing, hardworking, water-resistant and machine washable, these bags can withstand the toughest of treatments. Take them travelling, take them camping, take them to the beach, throw them around a bit, they’re pretty indestructible. That’s why we make our Big and Baby Bags out of Textured Nylon.

Banner Update April copy

Textured Nylon Fig Large Baglett

They’re lightweight too. With our standard Small size weighing in at just 354g, it makes them some of the lightest bags we sell. The fabric is slightly pebbled, hence the ‘Textured’ bit of the name and this gives the colour a gentle tumbled effect which in our view makes them perfect for a casual everyday look.

Our Microfibre bags are also ultra-strong. Though don’t be fooled by their sophisticated good looks. Made from hundreds of thousands of the finest of fibres, these bags are built to withstand some tough love, they’re easily cleaned and water-repellent and incredibly soft to the touch. The fibres also mean that colour saturates the material bringing a richness of tone and density of colour difficult to achieve in other fabrics. This is why our customers love the slightly smarter look and feel of Microfibre for work or going out. And weighing in at 425g also means they are lightweight – great for your back and shoulders all round!


Microfibre Dove Grey

Microfibre Dove Grey Small

Neo Mint Lifestyle

Microfibre Neo Mint

Textured Nylon Sage

Textured Nylon Sage Small

How do we keep them up to date?

Twice a year we carefully plan colour updates to these two ranges which reflect latest trends. Based on research which starts 18 months before each of our two seasonal collections drop, we add new colours to the line ups. We are careful to introduce colours which first and foremost our customers want, colours which are current and trend-led which at the same time complement our existing ranges. Our Textured Nylon and Microfibre ranges therefore will always give you an extensive colour choice across a wide range of sizes.

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The Inside Story



Written by Clare Elson

Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a Healthy Back Bag?

It’s not just a bag with a silver lining… behind that iconic teardrop shape Healthy Back Bags contain a wealth of cleverly designed pocketing inside and out.

Most of us are familiar with the external pockets, after all, it’s what we see in the images on the website or what we test out when the bags are hanging in a shop. And who doesn’t love a perfectly sized spine pocket for a water bottle, or the satisfying click of the magnetic flap pocket as you slip your phone safely out of harms reach?

It’s the inside story however which reveals a few surprises.

Medium Bag Illustration


Firstly, there’s the secure tech pocket. Tucked seamlessly between the main zip and the bag lining, the pocket is easily identified by its red zipper pull. Open it and a full sized, padded pocket is revealed ready to secrete away all manner of gadgets, valuables or travel documents.

Next up is the key hook. This is an all-time favourite of HBB’ers. Never again will you lose your keys which can be detached with a flick of the hand although at a stretch, if you’re feeling really lazy, the elastic attachment means you don’t even have to remove them at all to open the front door.

New Pocket Small Illustration
Textured Nylon Limoncello


A plethora of pen pockets are useful for nail files too, while two additional pockets, one zipped, one open, serve as ideal storage for headphones, make up, tissues, travel cards and even face mask and hand sanitiser in these Corona-times.

The interior angled pockets mean that you can simply slide your hand in and grab contents without having to take the bag off and then there’s the D-Ring. Sometimes for clipping a coin purse to, sometimes spare keys or maybe just a lucky charm… because we love a D-Ring.

Big Bag Fig
Textured Nylon Sage


The big secret though? As if by magic, using all these pockets to keep your stuff organised, safe and secure, the bag becomes better balanced. They are cleverly designed to distribute the weight around the bag making it feel lighter across the back, it doesn’t drag on the shoulder and it leaves you free to get on with the more important things in life. G&T anyone?

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